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    everything is so confusing!

    ok, I may be being very stupid here but I am confused. Things (i.e. animals, cages, misting systems, live plants etc etc.) Appear to be very varied in price in the Chameleon world. I have already established in my mind why some chameleons themselves are more expensive to buy than others...
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    more questions!

    HI, more questions! :o I'm now very intrigued (i think thats how you spell it) about Panther Chameleons lifespans. (Male) looking it up I have had "quotes" for lifespans in captivity of males ranging from 1-2 years to 10 years! the general average appears to be 5ish but how long in everyones...
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    Guy or Gal

    Hi, I'm looking at panther Chameleons but out of interest, guy or gal? Is there much difference in temperaments, lifespan, colour, size etc. between the sexes? cheers all
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    Carpet Chameleons

    Hi, this is mainly out of interest. I've seen Carpet Chamelons for sale but can only find limited information about them. I've heard that they are quite hardy, quite small, need high humidity but have a short lifespan only about 3 years. Does anyone know any more about them. They are...
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    chameleon food info

    hi, im fifteen and have wanted a chameleon as long as i can remember. i have a friend who keeps a panther called cosmo and she loves him. They're perfect pets for me except I have one problem. I go to my fathers house for 2 days every two weeks and therefore would have to leave my chameleon...
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