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  1. vegas shooby

    selling my repti fogger

    hello forum i am trying to sell my repti fogger I only used it for a day it's still brand new there's nothing wrong with it runs great and great condition...trying to find some one our here in LAS VEGAS NV to sell it too asking 35$$$ for it...cause i don't have the money to ship it...
  2. vegas shooby

    good by

    sold my little marley too some people in las vegas...he will be well missed...
  3. vegas shooby

    panther chameleon....ambanja

    i just got a fulltime job and my girlfriends works all the time and she dont have time for him...and i want to give him a good home that people know what there doing... i prefere local pick up not good at shiping reptiles and i dont want to put him in numbers is 702-785-3461 or my...
  4. vegas shooby

    all white whoo!!

    finally had time too spend with my little marley...i feed him came back shedding sweet.....:eek::cool::D
  5. vegas shooby

    ambanja chameleon

    i really dont wannna post a ad in here but do to stuff happening i just got a fulltime:( job and my girlfriends works all the time and she dont have time for him...and i want to give him a good home that people know what there doing... i prefere local pick up not good at shiping reptiles and i...
  6. vegas shooby

    cleaning up

    i just wanna know how other people clean there chameleon cages and wut they use...becouse i haven't clean marley's cage for a min soo i plane on cleaning it up tomorrow....
  7. vegas shooby

    Need your advice!

    Well I'm about too place an Order of worms like I don't if I should get the small hornworms or the big one
  8. vegas shooby


    well i thought i'll share sum pictures of this crazy guy...but right when he got outside he display his stress colors had me tripin out....but here you guys and gals goooooooo
  9. vegas shooby

    hello for members :)

    hello everyone how is everyone doing these's been a while since i been on here been busy with work and other things but marley is doing great eating drinking and what not...but i have a quick question its been cold over here in vegas like mid 60's...but i wanna ask is ok too put marley...
  10. vegas shooby


    WELL I JUST gOT OFF work and i just seen a little white thing in marley nose...and i know its not dfom over supp him...and its only one hole not anyone thanks...:(:mad:
  11. vegas shooby


    well i'm about place an order for silkworms and hornworms and i don't know very much about these if it's ok too feed my guy the silkworms like everyday or just a treat like the hornworms..any info will be well appreciated..:D
  12. vegas shooby

    marley thread

    well i figure i'll make a thread for this crazy guy well here you guy's and gals go....:D:cool: this is when i frist got him..... two day after he shed....shed this tuesday..i'm going to say he's 5 months now not for sure tho just guessing...
  13. vegas shooby


    hello forum member's well marley shed for the frist time since i had the little guy...and it look's like he has little bet of is shed on him is there a way for me too help him take it off or just let him be...:D
  14. vegas shooby

    dum question

    sorry been woundering for the past couple of days...r chameleon color blind lol...anyone...
  15. vegas shooby

    marley pics

    well decided to name him marley here r sum pics dont know how mony months he is i for got to ask i feel dum....but here u go
  16. vegas shooby

    fake plants

    well ppl say panthers don't like to eat plants i don have a real plant yet plane on gettin one very my question is that i'm using fake plants right and i cought him trying to eat them like every morning and i know its not good for him...does any body know he's going this...
  17. vegas shooby

    Help forum members

    Well I need to ask u guys and gals a question on water do I keep them like to I put them in refrigerator or just leave them out I know it's a dum question sorry..
  18. vegas shooby

    las vegas expo pictures

    i thought i share sum pictures from the vegas expo...there where sum nice chamleleons there i only could get this much from my phone..sorry for the picture's from my camera phone don't have a conon or any thing like u guy's and gals go
  19. vegas shooby

    got him:)

    :cool:i well i got back from the expo in vegas and it's a stud...i got him from fl chams...;):Dreally cool ppl thank you guy's and here he is basking... this is my supplements
  20. vegas shooby

    I got it done:)

    well i just got done finishing my cage for the liitte monster ....and i wanna hear from you guy's and gals thoughts and opinion on it thanks..shooby....;):D:cool: this is the back of the cage yee is that light aight
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