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    Arcadia UVB light height vs other brands

    Hello all! Quick question. I upgraded from the "woops I bought a chameleon before I knew what I was doing" 16 x 16 cage kit to a larger 18 x 24 x 36 cage and moved my female Jacksons over. All is well, but I forgot that I needed to get a bigger UVB light because the current 12" one is way too...
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    Chicken incubator for roaches?

    I am trying to get everything set up to start breeding roaches. I just dont love the idea of heating pads, tape, or wire on a tub due to the fire hazard. I have tried keeping a bin by my floor heaters, but the temp fluctuates a ton and is pretty much never over 80. Has anyone tried putting some...
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    A strange instagram plant quest

    Hello all, I have recently found Critterkingnl (Mario Jungmann) on instagram after hearing him on the chameleon breeder podcast. He keeps all sorts of mountain chameleons, and his page is full of awesome pictures. In a lot of his cages, there is a plant that I love but cannot identify. I am...
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    Chameleon obsessed with metal rivet?

    For the last three or so days, my female Jacksons has been OBSESSING over two small metal rivets that are a part of the lower maintenance door. I caught her straight up trying to rip it off one day, so I moved her and covered it so she can't see it or access it anymore. She is continually...
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    Young female Jacksons supplement schedule

    Hello! I just wanted to make sure I was supplementing my younger female Jacksons correctly. She is about 7 months old and eats somewhere around 10 crickets every day. I give her 15 or so and there are generally a couple left over by early afternoon that I take out. I have had her exactly 1...
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    Dream enclosure on Craigslist

    Oh the possibilities! I hope someone here lives close to this to pick it up and create a beautiful chameleon cage. And its on wheels! <3 If I only had the room!
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    Gutloading: Food constantly available for all feeders or separated the night before?

    Is it better to provide the whole colony of feeders (ie the 500+ crickets you have or the 100+ dubias, whatever) with highly nutritious food all the time, or is it better to give them what they need to survive and then pull some out the night before for the healthy feast? (Never mind the cost of...
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    Plant pouch/pocket wall

    I am always looking at other people's enclosures to get new ideas to improve my chameleon cage. I have loved a lot of the live wall photos, and when searching youtube to see how people built them I came across a live wall someone built in their homes using a plant pouch...
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    Young Jacksons Basking Temp Needs

    Hello community! Everyone has been so helpful so far getting my first chameleon all set up. I just received the little bugger, and I had a quick question regarding his basking temp. Chameleon: 6-7 month old male Jacksons Humidity: steady at 40-50 during the day, up at night with cool mist...
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    First chameleon cage setup

    Hello! I am getting my first ever chameleon soon, and I have been setting up the cage in preparation. Any feedback? Chameleon: female jacksons, 4 months Cage size: 16 x 16 x 30 Handling: only when necessary Feeding: will purchase hanging wall cup for crickets etc. with calcium without D3...
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