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    adult male attempting to shoot tongue at receptive female?

    Both are adults. The male is an adult WC male that has mated successfully in the past, though he's shown aggression before bobbing in the past, before eventually calming down and doing his thing. Yesterday, when a receptive adult female (just over a year) was placed in his cage, he bobbed his...
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    nosy mitsio females

    I was contacted a few months back by some breeders working with Mitsios that said they'd have clutches with females available about this time.... anyone have them now? Please email any photos/info to me at [email protected] Thank you, Josh
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    WC Blue Bar Ambilobe just finishing shed

    This guy is just coming out of a shed. We've had him a little over 2.5 months. He came to us in somewhat rough shape (dehydrated, skinny, and stressed). He's finally starting to show his awesome colors... this is him after being shown a female for the first time. Large photo in iPhone's...
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    24 4'x8' Plexiglas UVT sheets on their way...

    Anyone have pictures of custom made enclosures using these sheets for roofing? The building will have a foot print of roughly 32'x22', allowing 5-6 rows of cages.
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    Breeding-aged Nosy Faly Females

    I'm looking for multiple breeding-aged Nosy Faly females. Please PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    Some Sambava

    Teenaged male coming out of his "blue phase", being shown an uninterested female: Same male, outside in the sun, on my hand: Another of the same male, on my hand still: A pic of our Kammer's male (sire Vincente): CB Female 1, pic 1: CB Female 1, pic 2: Cb Female 2: Cb female 3, the...
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    Ambanja, Ambilobe, Nosy Be WC Males arrived yesterday

    These guys are fresh from Madagascar and some made it in better shape than others. We wanted post these pics as "day 0" -- hopefully over the next few months all will be adjusting well to captivity... getting more healthy and showing even richer colors. We also received 13 females that we'll...
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    Colorful Blue barred Ambanja

    We call him double rainbow. Larger version:
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    Blue Bar Ambilobe, setting in for bed

    Snapped this pic tonight. Love the blue bars on the yellow body. large thumb: original:
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    better picture of our Ranger/Sky Ambanja Male

    Smaller version then original version of same photo.
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    Nosy Mitsio Females -- a CB, WC, and a probable hybrid

    Here's the CB female that we are really confident is actually a Mitsio. The previous owner also had her brother from the same clutch, and that male definitely looked like a beautiful CB version of our two WC males. The previous owner is on CF and goes by the name Killer_Chams. Mojito is the...
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    WC Nosy Mitsio Male (our other one)

    This is the second WC Nosy Mitsio male in our collection, which we picked up about two months ago. We called him Pasquale for a while but have since started calling him [the] Yellow Submarine. The name is still up for debate. We wanted to name him Hulk but there's apparently a known Hulk Mitsio...
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    Ambanja Male, from Ranger/SoKool lines

    Not nearly the best pic to start off with, but I'll add more soon. edit: Texas Ranger has clarified that he's of a Ranger/Sky line.
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    New BB Ambilobe male sleeping

    Don't have a name for this guy, but love his colors. Will post more soon of him awake and active... have a receptive female to give a try with soon.
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    Nosy Mitsio -- Mysterrio -- new sleeping Pic

    Mysterio was looking particularly yellow last night:
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    Mitsios, RB Ambilobe females

    Mitsio We are looking for both males and females. For the time being, we are most interested in proven/true CB lines, but are open to WC. We know there are some young CB adults out there. Ambilobe Looking for females from known sire and dam, with both known for coming from Ambilobes that fire...
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    Mysterio the Nosy Mitsio, just being Green

    Mysterio just chilling being green, with what I'd like to believe is a friendly gape as his cage is cleaned. Since his most recent 2 sheds he's had virtually no bars -- just solid green in his rested state. For those unfamiliar with Mysterio, that's a healed wound on his belly.
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    More pics of our new Ambanja

    We got this guy last week from Chamcapture, originally raised by VeiledChams, I believe his sire is Thor from Kaleidoscope Chameleons. He's a stunner, and only 9-10 months old. Still working on a name. Ideas welcome.
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    solacryl panel cost?

    Hi -- I've contacted Spartech, the company that makes Solacryl panels, but have yet to hear back. I'm trying to get a rough idea on the price of the 4'x8' sheets at different thicknesses. Can anyone that's purchased them give me a ballpark number? We're building a greenhouse-like...
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    ambanja females

    Hi, I'm looking for Ambanja females of breeding age or close to it. CB with known bloodlines or healthy LTC WC preferred. Ideally we'd buy 2-4 in a single purchase. PM or email me at [email protected]
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