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  1. J

    Ranger getting some sun.

    Definitely one of my favorite chameleons around. Love his colors. Always happy to see more pictures of him :)
  2. J

    Tamatave #1 and #2 Firing up

    We got these two males as "CB Sambavas" :eek: from a former breeder/dealer
  3. J

    adult male attempting to shoot tongue at receptive female?

    Both are adults. The male is an adult WC male that has mated successfully in the past, though he's shown aggression before bobbing in the past, before eventually calming down and doing his thing. Yesterday, when a receptive adult female (just over a year) was placed in his cage, he bobbed his...
  4. J

    Ambanja STUNNER!!

    looking good. remind's me of FLChams' breeder named Sturgis:
  5. J

    nosy mitsio females

    I was contacted a few months back by some breeders working with Mitsios that said they'd have clutches with females available about this time.... anyone have them now? Please email any photos/info to me at [email protected] Thank you, Josh
  6. J

    I'm going to Maui (and I'm going to go chameleon hunting)

    was just in maui about a month ago -- humpbacks breaching everywhere. if you swim out just past where the waves break from pretty much any beach facing west/southwest, you can dive down ~6 feet and hear the whale songs. not at all chameleon related, but pretty neat and something you can only do...
  7. J

    Beautiful WC Ambanja, still recovering

    Chamcapture: he looks like he'll be a stunner. Just a hunch, but looks like a Charlie-esque backdrop in the photo?
  8. J

    Our "Ampiskiana" Purple/Blue Bar

    Sleeping pic Here is a sleeping pic from last night: Smaller version: Bigger version of same photo: If consensus is that he looks more like an Ambanja or Ambilobe, that'd be great because we actually have females from those locales, to pair him with, but haven't been able to find any...
  9. J

    WC Blue Bar Ambilobe just finishing shed

    This guy is just coming out of a shed. We've had him a little over 2.5 months. He came to us in somewhat rough shape (dehydrated, skinny, and stressed). He's finally starting to show his awesome colors... this is him after being shown a female for the first time. Large photo in iPhone's...
  10. J

    Need some help guys i hope everyone can pitch in!

    If no one takes you up on the cheap/used cages, Ozbo has new Reptibreeze 18x18x36 cages for $58.15 + flat rate shipping at $4.95. Enter the code "Pets5off" and get 5% off your order. Should be $60.19 with shipping, assuming you're not in the same state as their distro center...
  11. J

    The Green Ambilobe...haha

    Looks a lot like a Mitsio at rest. What does he look like when he fires?
  12. J

    Breeding-aged Nosy Faly Females

    all set on faly females now, don't know how to delete this post
  13. J

    LLL Reptile Comment

    I also once got a free shirt with an order. That scored some points. I love free shirts.
  14. J

    24 4'x8' Plexiglas UVT sheets on their way...

    Anyone have pictures of custom made enclosures using these sheets for roofing? The building will have a foot print of roughly 32'x22', allowing 5-6 rows of cages.
  15. J

    LLL Reptile Comment

    I've ordered a ton of equipment from them and have had good experiences. A good test came just last week; a light fixture and bulb arrived damaged. I emailed them to notify them of the damage. Their response came nearly immediately and they sent the replacement and a paid postage slip to return...
  16. J

    Breeding-aged Nosy Faly Females

    I'm looking for multiple breeding-aged Nosy Faly females. Please PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  17. J

    Some Sambava

    just got home from trading away the third male and two of the cb females... got an adult male CB Nosy Mitsio that I'll be posting pics of soon. the new addition is already known on the forums as Mojito, by member Killer_Chams Sad to have them gone, happy for adding an awesome CB male to our...
  18. J

    Some Sambava

    I tend to wear gloves with the chameleons. I don't want to give them my germs. I don't want to give them each other' s germs. I'm not at all grossed out by the idea of touching a chameleon, I just don't want to make them sick.
  19. J

    Some Sambava

    Some firing pics Here's the first male firing: Here's another CB male firing, just coming out of a shed: Here's a third CB male firing:
  20. J

    Some Sambava

    He's CB. We got him from Chris Van Aken... who used to have his reptile collection online at
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