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    Not really eating

    Hey! My cham hasn't been eating lately. I think she's starting to develop eggs but I can't fully tell. She ate a small horn worm a few days ago but that's it. Any suggestions? She does have 2 lay bins for her to use but i was thinking maybe getting a big bin that she can't climb out of. There...
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    Open range set up

    Hi! I'm trying to avoid getting a new light fixture. What I have right now is the zoo med double bulb dome that came with the starter kit. (I don't use the starter kit) I'm going to use this in the morning because it's kinda chilly, then the rest of the day she is getting natural sun and heat...
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    Lighting help

    hey all! In my research, I'm getting a lot if conflicting information about the type of light to use for my cham. I'll first start by saying that I live in California, and she spends a large majority of her time in an open range window and gets about 5-6 hours of natural sunrays through the...
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    show me your little friends feeties!
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    Free range set-up update!

    hey! I'm woking on creating an open space for my cham! this is what I have going so far. I still have to hang the light up but she gets plenty of sun rays through the screen part of the window! The big green bin is meant to be her lay bin. Should I plant something in the bin itself? I read...
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    Free range set up

    Greetings! I have a question question. I'm working on creating a free range space for my Cham in my bay window. He won't stay there 24/7 but while im working, i put him there so he has more space to play and to gaze out the window. My question is, the window gets a fair amount of sun light...
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    New Chameleon owner❤

    Hi! I'm going to start off with a disclaimer. I discovered this website while googling different stuff about chameleon ownership. One of the posts I read, people were very unkind. Even go as far as to tell someone they are going to kill their chameleon. I suffer from depression and anxiety so I...
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