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  1. Big Gulp

    Mouth Sore..ugh

    It definitely looks that way. But I can assure you it wasn't there a few days ago. It just doesn't make sense. I'll be hopefully getting him into a vet tomorrow. For now I've been putting some Betadine on it. He did eat a few roaches today, so that's good at least. Not sure how this happened...
  2. Big Gulp

    Mouth Sore..ugh

    Yeah, it'd be almost impossible to be a burn. It's just crazy to me how quickly it's come on.
  3. Big Gulp

    Mouth Sore..ugh

  4. Big Gulp

    Mouth Sore..ugh

  5. Big Gulp

    Mouth Sore..ugh

    Hey guys. I just noticed today that my guy has an issue with his lip area. It's like it came on overnight or something. Is this known as mouth rot? Something else? I'm gonna see if I can get into the vet on Monday but was curious what you guys thought. I feel terrible for him. Thanks.
  6. Big Gulp

    Which enclosure is better?

    The glass enclosure will be fine until it gets bigger. And the gun cabinet wouldn't have had enough depth. Ideally, and adult should be housed in a cage that is 24x24x48, at minimum.
  7. Big Gulp

    Aggresive Chameleon?

    This is funny, because I used to have a Veiled chameleon named Milo (RIP). And he was an angry guy from the time he was a baby until he passed away. Always hissing, biting at me. My Panther, Lewis, is as sweet as can be, though.
  8. Big Gulp

    Maggots in Dubia Roach Bin??

    I youtubed fruit fly larvae and it looks just like that. Are there other parasitic flies/beetles that look just like fruit fly larvae? Thanks again everyone.
  9. Big Gulp

    Maggots in Dubia Roach Bin??

    No, I didn't get these from you. And maybe I will try that. What are you expecting to happen?
  10. Big Gulp

    Maggots in Dubia Roach Bin??

    These things are quite tiny btw. Also, about half of them are white and slowly crawling around the walls, and the other half are still stuck to the walls, but brown-looking and motionless. Almost as if they dried up.
  11. Big Gulp

    Maggots in Dubia Roach Bin??

    I didn't see any under their wings. But I did see a male that looks like he has some coming from his butt area (very end tip of his body....not sure if that's where it's butt is). I also found a male dead. Not sure the cause. This is so nasty.
  12. Big Gulp

    Maggots in Dubia Roach Bin??

    It's just weird because I've had this happen twice now in the past few month. And I've never had this issue ever over the years, and I'm doing nothing different. Another odd thing is, they're only 'slithering' along the walls and inside the lid. Not on the egg cartons, food, etc.
  13. Big Gulp

    Maggots in Dubia Roach Bin??

    Thanks for the replies. There isn't much frass at all right now, since I don't have a TON of dubias in this bin. And the only food that's leftover are a few baby carrots the roaches have been munching on, and some dried up collard greens they didn't eat. Like I said, I've never had this issue...
  14. Big Gulp

    Maggots in Dubia Roach Bin??

    Hi all. So, I've been keeping/breeding dubias for years, with no issues. But about a month ago, I opened their Sterilite tub and noticed these tiny maggot-looking things on the side walls of the tub. I cleaned the tub out and thought I'd be fine. Well today I notice they're back. I'm not sure...
  15. Big Gulp

    How do I keep alive my crickets?

    Order banded crickets online. Josh's Frogs and other places carry them. VERY hardy and nearly impossible to kill. Much better than the crickets you get from Petco/Petsmart.
  16. Big Gulp

    New enclosure! (Lots of pics)

    Looks great! Question tho, what are you using for basking light?
  17. Big Gulp

    I need some ideas on attaching items to the glass terranium.

    I uses magnets for attaching branches. Makes it super easy to remove them when cleaning the cage. These magnets are strong. I have a screen cage but it'd work with glass as well.
  18. Big Gulp

    Banded vs house crickets?

    I made the switch to banded about 5 months ago. I wish I had done it sooner. I order 1,000 at a time (from Josh's Frogs). I have never had even 1 die off. Not one. They don't smell like the house crickets either...another plus. They're also more active. Bandeds have more protein in them than...
  19. Big Gulp

    Is Arcadia 12% going to be strong?

    It'll be fine as long as you give your cham plenty of foliage to get some shade when they want. I, and many others, use the 12%.
  20. Big Gulp

    Need help with keeping crickets alive

    After this batch, I strongly suggest going with banded crickets. You won't hve any of these problems. I get mine from Josh's Frogs, but others sell them as well.
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