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  1. Deejay

    Don’t know what’s wrong with him

    A variety of bugs makes for a much happier chameleon. My Jackson loves wax worms, but after a few days his spirit to eat them lessens. He than will eat a moth with great zeal, but after a few moths... he won't even look at them. The same is with crickets and silk worms. Could you eat the...
  2. Deejay

    Comment by 'Deejay' in media 'Chill'

    This is very a beautiful photo capturing much meaning. Bravo!
  3. Deejay

    I dont know what happened...

    He sleeps at 11:15 am?
  4. Deejay

    Best place to purchase a juvenile jacksons chameleon?

    I bought my Jackson from BackWater Reptile. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The link is:
  5. Deejay


    I see your point.
  6. Deejay


    I'm in New England, Connecticut. I had to go out of state to purchase my last setup. Connecticut, is not as great as it used to be and all the shops are closing or they are ridiculously priced.
  7. Deejay

    Jackson's Kidney, Horn Health and Husbandry Issues?

    Oh, my regrets and condolences. Life is so fleeting. Sorry for the sadness.
  8. Deejay


    Wow, it's like a window back to the Jurassic. Nice pic and setup.
  9. Deejay

    Little Bit of Blood in Poop??

    I thought I just did.
  10. Deejay


    Thanks. Seems like a sweet deal. I wonder if they sell in the USA? I really like the style of terrarium. Your chameleon is so lucky.
  11. Deejay


    Hi, nice setup. Where are you purchasing this and what is the price?
  12. Deejay

    Little Bit of Blood in Poop??

    Hi, I have concluded this from my studies based on things like a cricket's back legs can cause damage to chameleon's mouth which is really just the other end of an anus. Here is the citing: ps. I don't think pin...
  13. Deejay

    Jackson not shedding!!

    Hi, my Jackson just went through a shed. The same thing was happening. I helped him out by letting him swim in an inch of warm water with a rock in it for him to go to. I used a Q tip to get gunk off his horns and chin and the most of the shedding came off with the water. His colors were...
  14. Deejay

    Potential Cham?

    Hi, The Awesome Eye markings make him a very handsome chameleon.
  15. Deejay

    Hello Everyone! New Panther Mom here! ❤️🦎

    Extraordinary! Hello Wesley & Kayteekat.
  16. Deejay

    Little Bit of Blood in Poop??

    Cricket's two big back legs may cause this problem because of the barbs and it may lead to a prolapse of the anus. I stopped feeding crickets.
  17. Deejay

    The rarest chameleon on earth

    Yeah, you are right. The pic is way off. Have they ever even seen a reptile? I think the post is a commentary about the misinformation and misconceptions that are everywhere.
  18. Dandelion.jpg


  19. Dandelion


    Trioceros Jacksonii - Jackson Chameleon
  20. Deejay

    30 Deads Crickets this morning!

    I heard the air goes bad with urine and death and it kills them. Try more vent holes and tubes that allow the cricket to go higher near the vents where the air is better.
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