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    Seriously Considering a Panther Chameleon

    Dear danny Don't use water falls use a drip system any pools of water can drown you chameleon remember to use healthy plants and check they are safe about handling my chameleon is at its brightest when I handle him so he doesn't mind very much I let him roam in my garden while I watch him as I...
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    Hello I need some help with travelling with my chameleon

    I will be moving to the uk Plymouth I will be being Charles my veiled chameleon it is a 2 hour plane ride I cannot ship him as I don't have anyone to look after him and ship him. Does anyone know how to keep him safe and warm thanks in advance -tai
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    Where can i buy pygmys from

    I live in Spain and want a pygmys i already own a veiled and now would like to get a pygmy not too expensive please.
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    nail trimming

    Really Well my chameleon is usually a fairly dullish green when in his enclosure and when taken out turns a extremely light green and blue Not all chameleons are anti social with their owners
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    Discussion: Keeping 2 in same cage And something else

    Breeding but you know id rather wait and get more money then purchase another cage :D
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    Discussion: Keeping 2 in same cage And something else

    1.Whats your thoughts or experience with keeping 2? I'm think of getting 2 and keeping them in the same cage (don't just say don't do it without providing experience) 2. Anyone wanna help maybe with a chameleon sanctuary ? from pet shops or something like that not sure if ill do it though.
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    Problem Supplements

    I can only find in all the shops i went to which is everyone on the island i live on i can only find exo terra calcium liquid supplement. So i gut load crickets Oaks and celery and lettuce should i use more because i can't find any other things here is some more information Type: Veiled...
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    PLANT Help

    Thanks mate is moss okay ?
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    Moss for chameleons

    Hello Everyone I'm looking to put some moss in for my chameleon is trixie moss okay for him i will make it hang and stuff like that :)
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    PLANT Help

    Okay so i just brought a massive enclosure for my baby chamie and basically i have a hibiscus and a fishtailed fern is the fish tailded fern alright for the chameleon...
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    Chameleon blood

    Okay so i was watching my chameleon and he suddenly was pooing and there was this red thing which pushes out and then it released some type of liquid and some white stuff is this okay ? I used to use substances i don't anymore. Lighting: Exo terra Daylight Exo terra night lamp...
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    baby veiled.....kinda need help

    GET RID of the fake plants the chameleon likes to eat real plants not plastic
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    urgent please help

    what is this it looks like its cracking is he shedding or has he been burnt i have a uvb 150 watt too much please don't hate this is my first veiled chameleon. is this paint i have white pots in his enclosure
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    Veiled Chameleons?

    Don't be so rude she/he never said that her/his chameleon never died of failure it could of died by natural causes
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    Help form

    Your Chameleon - male 3 months old 2 days in my care Handling - Just when needed Feeding - he eats 2-5 crickets a day.... low i know Watering - Mist no never seen him drink but quite sure he does. Fecal Description - Never tested brown colour History - Not sure Cage Info: Cage Type...
  16. Help is he okay ?

    Help is he okay ?

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    Why Is my chameleon unhappy ? He is brown or gray most of the time

    its a baby so its cage is about 45'x45'x45' and i have uvb and basking bulb in one thanks for the help i will now go to the shop and buy some more vines
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    Why Is my chameleon unhappy ? He is brown or gray most of the time

    He is brown or gray most of the day please help sometimes when i hold him he turns green
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    HELP Urgent

    Thanks but it would be still in its shipping container.... that i get it in there isnt a back room because im swimming so moist.
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    HELP Urgent

    okay im supposed to pick up a baby chameleon but a problem i will need to leave it with my parents because i have training it will be very noisy and hot. Is it okay ? i will have to leave it max 1 hr
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