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  1. bka

    hunting etc.

    I have a baby veiled girl - Zaida. I've noticed that when she seems to be hunting she walks around and around in circles on the floor of the cage and she turns very patterned. She also holds her tail strait out. Is this normal. I've heard that when Chams turn brown or patterned it means...
  2. bka


    I've been worried about my baby girl veiled. She hasn't had much of an appetite and I rarely see her drink. I was very happy b/c the day before yesterday she ate 5 crickets and took some water from the dropper I use. But then yesterday she didn't eat anything! and I didn't see her drink...
  3. bka

    gut loading clarification

    We feed my baby veiled gut loaded crickets. But, actually I need a clarification on gut loading. We have a cricket cage thing and I keep it stocked with cut veggies and cricket quencher (that yellow jelly stuff). Does that count as gut loading or do I have to make sure the crickets eat...
  4. bka

    Emergency, please help

    People with experience, I really need advice. We thought our baby boy veiled was dehydrated. this has been going on a while. so today I got some pedialite and tried to give him some with a dropper. he was climbing around and opening his mouth and I dropped some drops in there. he didn't...
  5. bka

    dehydrated?? VERY worried

    We got 2 babies last week and have been trying to make sure that they are getting what they need. I'm really worried about the little boy because his eyes have been closed all day (he's had ongoing eye issues) and hasn't eaten since yesterday morning. I'm afraid he might be dehydrated...
  6. bka

    2 new babies, veiled, worried

    Last Sunday we got 2 babies, a boy and a girl (not sure how old). He is a little over 2 inches long (body, not including tail) and she is a bit smaller. The pet store owner gave them both to us at a discount because his left eye and both her eyes were a bit squinty. He said that if they...
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