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    c. johnstonii

    Ok, i have seen one post for captive bred c. Johnstonii. Just curious to see how those working with this species have fared. This is one of my favorites and am hoping to see more youngsters and pictures please!
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    Minor chameleons

    Just saw an advertisement for them on My interest is peaked! Did anyone on this forum get some? They are my dream chameleons but for me the price tag was way beyond my reach. I truely hope we can have these gems available here in the United states again. Congratulations to those...
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    Pure Nosey Be sold in lots of 10 for $500.00

    I have a large clutch of Nosey Be panther chameleons that were sired by my gorgeous male "Blue" pictured below who was sired by "Blue Dreams" and the dam of the clutch was sired by "Greaseball". This guys hatched September 30th and will be ready to go in 4-5 weeks. I will be asking $50.00 per...
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    Rare! Anakarmy x Sambava Cross

    Extremely rare and hard to find Panther locales, this cross comes from a Anakarmy (Pink Panther) female and Sambava (gorgeous high white)male cross. As with most crosses the young panther baby chameleons are extremely hardy, fast growing and beginning to show some incredible colors! I ask...
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    Johnston's Chameleons

    Keep watching this forum looking for those imported Johnston's. Did they come in yet and has anyone has their females lay eggs? Slainte' Ruth
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    Blue Ambanjas

    Looking to add some blue Ambanjas to my collection. Would prefer youngsters over adults. If you should have any please feel free to email me at [email protected] If you would consider trades i have Anakarmy x Sambava youngsters that will be ready for their new homes in 3 weeks. Slainte'...
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    Looking for Small Dubia in large quantities!

    Looking for small or newly hatched Dubia. Could use around 500 or so. If you have them available feel free to PM me with price and shipping to 40223 Louisville Kentucky or email me at [email protected] Slainte' Ruth
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    Translucent , Turquoise or Sunburst Veileds

    Hello everyone! I am looking for pairs of Translucent, Turquoise or Sunburst Veil chameleons. Does anyone on this forum breed them or know of someone who does? Slainte' Ruth
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    Reptariums for SALE! Louisville , Ky.

    Ok, all your cham fanatics looking for more enclosures i have some great deals for you on mesh Reptariums! All are NEW and still in the original package. I do have one slightly used 100 gallon one. PM me here or email me at [email protected] for a faster response. I can ship but will need...
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    Uganda import

    I haven't been on here for awhile but just curious if the Uganda chameleons have arrived? I know i saw some on sometime ago but haven't seen anything mentioned here. Hoping to buy some of the CB Johnstonii offspring soon! If they have arrived i am wishing all those that purchased...
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    Rare Aldabra 1 yr. old 6 inch tortoise!

    I have one very friendly, healthy, chows down on everything Aldabra tortoise for sale. The tortoise is one year old and 6 inches in length. I am asking $1850.00 for the tortoise plus shipping. Home pick-up is welcome! I live in Louisville Kentucky. Feel free to call me at 502-819-5386 or email...
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    Rare Gems! Triceros Jacksonii Merumontana pair! Free Shipping!

    I have one pair of absolutely gorgeous Wild Caught , well acclimated pair of Dwarf Jacksons AKA Mt.Meru Chameleons. These little chameleons are just incredibly colorful and active. These are very hard to come by and this pair is healthy , deparasitized and eating everything in site! I am asking...
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    Jeweled chameleon (Furcifer campani) - Gravid female -Free Shipping

    I have one beautiful Jeweled female gravid chameleon for sale . She is in perfect health, very large appetite and just absolutely incredible coloration! Asking $245.00 which includes shipping. Feel free to call (502) 819-5386 or email me at [email protected] This is a one of a kind rarely...
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    Bradypodium Thanmobates Trio! Lower Price!

    NEW LOWER PRICE! Rarely imported , I have one male (5 grams) and two females (6.5 grams and 10 grams) that were imported from Germany in December 2012 . This is a healthy, well acclimated trio eating small crickets, house & blue bottle flies, Hydei fruitflies and new born Dubia roaches . Add...
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    Rare Young Singing Shama Pair - Ultimate in Songbirds!

    I have one pair of Shama that were hatched in August 2012. Pictured is the beautiful female and male. They are an unrelated pair from original San Diego Zoo stock. The male has an incredible voice and the pair live together peacefully. They should be able to be bred later this Spring. Mine feed...
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    RARE Bradypodium Thamnobates - Gorgeous Dwarf Livebearing Trio!

    Rarely imported , I have one male and two females that were imported from Germany in December 2012 . This is a healthy, well acclimated trio eating small crickets, house & blue bottle flies, Hydei fruitflies and new born Dubia roaches . Add something new and exotic to your collection! These...
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    Looking for male Campani (Jewel) or Pygmy Chams- Trades for Panthers & B. Transvaals

    Hi, i am searching for a male Campani or extra females. Also looking for pygmy chameleons. I have two Nosy Komba Panther females 3 1/2 months of age that are getting bigger daily and need to find some new homes and one lovely B. Transvaal male that was imported 05/12. Let me know what you have...
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    Nosy Komba female Panthers/B.Traansval Male-Lower price/Trades?

    Nosy Komba female Panthers! Lower Price / Accept Trades! Shipping in the Continuous 48 As sometimes happens i purchased some Nosy Komba and hoped for some pairs now i have extra females. This particular locale is rarely if ever imported any longer. I am asking $225.00 (original price i paid...
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    Rarely imported Locale, Nosy Komba female Panthers

    ------------------------------------------------------- Rarely imported Locale, Nosy Komba female Panthers Shipping in the Continuous 48 As sometimes happens i purchased some Nosy Komba and hoped for some pairs now i have extra females that are around 3 months old. This particular locale...
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    Rare, German Imported Bradypodion transvaalense Trio! Dwarf Livebearing

    Imported from Germany Trio of the Dwarf, Livebearing species Bradypodion transvaalense I have two males and 1 female (recommended ratio of this species) available for sale. The older male was imported May 2012 and the younger pair September 2012 born April 2012. This is a healthy, well...
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