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  1. KingJulien

    JJ just noticed his girlfriend next door.

    We took JJ out today. We didn't expect him to get so fired up over his neighbor (he doesn't normally get to see her, and has never shown a response before).
  2. KingJulien

    Kingsnake Juvenile won't eat.

    So my hubby's new little snake has been with us almost two weeks and he hasn't eaten yet. I'm a little worried but I think two weeks isn't long enough to panic. We keep offering pinky mice and he's not interested. I even rubbed one on the bearded dragon because the scent is supposed to spark...
  3. KingJulien

    JJ's pajama colors

    Here's my little guy JJ. I wanted to call him KingJulien, but hubbster thought that sounded silly. So now he's just JJ for Jake Jr. I think that's a good enough name. He's 7 months old now. I just love his sleepy colors. :D Sorry I woke you, JJ!
  4. KingJulien

    difficult shed

    My lil JJ is having trouble shedding. It has been 4 days and he's still snowing all over his cage, with lots of white sticking to him. He was much faster last time. I normally mist 2-3 times a day, and don't mist him directly. The past couple of days I have been misting more and misting...
  5. KingJulien

    My pit bull

    This is my Am Staff, pit bull, furbaby, whatever you want to call him. We call him Mikey. He was adopted at ~2 years old, we have had him for ~5 years. He's a great dog, we couldn't have found a sweeter, more angelic little beast. If anyone is in the market for a dog, I always refer them to...
  6. KingJulien

    What does the bright pink and fat mean?

    I saw this cham in the pet store, I wish I had gotten a picture. It was bright bright pink and peach, with a little bit of darker stripes. She also appeared fat and lethargic, but no signs of distinct eggs. With that coloration and size is it possible she is getting ready to lay? Or is...
  7. KingJulien

    Dubias as a staple?

    Yay! I finally got my boy to eat some dubias. He has been refusing them since I got him. I was hoping they could be a staple for him since they are so easy to breed. So now I'm wondering, is it ok for dubias to make up a large part of his diet? Along with crickets and supers, and...
  8. KingJulien

    Mulberry tree?

    Hi, does anyone here have a mulberry tree or info on growing them? I have a spot in my front yard that I could plant one, but I am hesitant. I don't want to have to cut it back to a stump every year or two. It's just too ugly. Are all species like this? I'm in Brentwood, northern CA.
  9. KingJulien

    She's Here!

    I got my new baby girl this morning. :D I got her from Eric at Chameleons 101, she is a Ballar baby. Here's the girl and her new home, I've got just a plain bulb over her until her UVB gets here in the mail later today.
  10. KingJulien

    When do I increase cage size?

    I'm getting my new ambi girl today. She was born in May, so she's almost 4 months. I have my 15x15x30 all set up for her, but I'm also getting my big cage in the mail today. Should I plan to keep her in the smaller enclosure for a few months, or go ahead and transfer her this weekend? I...
  11. KingJulien

    Another opinion on eye issue please?

    I'm worried. My chameleon had a droopy eye about a week ago and a respiratory infection. I took him to the vet and he gave us Baytril and said to supplement with vitamin A every other day. I administered the vitamin A orally (measured and diluted to 80IUs) twice, over 4 days. The eye seemed...
  12. KingJulien

    Reccomend a Bearded Dragon Care Sheet?

    Hi! I'm thinking about allowing my 13 yo son to get a bearded dragon soon. From what I've read and heard they are pretty easy to keep, and easy to handle. He really wants to touch my chameleon and I thought maybe a bearded would be more appropriate for him (not to mention it would keep him...
  13. KingJulien

    Superworms Pupating

    This is so cool. I put my superworms in a dark bin (made use of substrate I bought before I had a chance to research) 8-12, and today some are starting to pupate. I have just stashed them away at room temp in a mix of oats and wheat germ with a little saran wrap (small holes poked) held over...
  14. KingJulien

    Double bulb fixture?

    I am ordering my panther a new metal screen cage today, a 24x24x48. I want to get him a fixture that will hold both a 18" reptisun 5.0 and a 18" plant bulb. I think the basking bulb should be seperate so I can adjust the height according to the heat. Does this sound right? Does anyone...
  15. KingJulien

    How much D3 is too much and why?

    Hi, all. I tried searching for this and couldn't find an answer. Why do we have to be careful not to oversupplement with D3? What is the danger of using Calcuim with D3 regularly instead of the normal every other week D3? It just seems it would be easier to use the same Calcium all...
  16. KingJulien

    Seeking expert opinion on Reptaid

    Not to start a war over reptaid, but what evidence is there showing that it actually kills parasites or bacteria? My studies up to now would point to most herbal and homeopathic remedies being useless or marginally effective at best. This is not to say that there isn't empirical evidence...
  17. KingJulien

    Looking for tips on getting cham to try new food

    My chameleon is reluctant to eat any roaches. I put two in his feeder cup and he won't touch them, though he does notice them moving around. Any tips?
  18. KingJulien

    Red thing came out of my panther ambi's butt!

    :eek: He's a 6 month ambilobe with a cold (bubbles). I just got off the phone with the breeder who said to baby him and wait a few days before going to the vet since he is eating and drinking well. Then I went to look at him again, and a big red thing poked out of his butt and then it...
  19. KingJulien

    Getting my first shipment of bugs today

    :D I'm getting dubias and silkies. I'm a little worried about the gross factor of the roaches but excited to be getting going with some colonies. I'll pick up some supers too, and get those started in little paper cups. I guess I need plastic tubs and screen, pronto! I'm such a noob...
  20. KingJulien

    Free Range Safety

    It appears that many people let their chameleons walk around the house, or sit in trees in the house, in the shower, or on a tree outside. As a new owner I am cautious. I would love for my chameleon to get out of his cage, as long as it is enjoyable for him but I am concerned about his safety...
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