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  1. parisaurusrex


    Not to poke at an open wound.. but why would you leave him outside, unattended? I truly hope you find him, but I don't think your chances are too good.
  2. parisaurusrex

    First Vivarium Build

    Um…. can you come build me a viv for my dart frogs?! haha this is gorgeous with the waterfall! I wouldn't use it for a panther… for several reasons that everyone else has already made clear, but it'd be a perfect frog habitat!
  3. parisaurusrex

    my stubborn & burnt fool.

    If its a bruise, I know exactly how he did it! He explores the cage daily, and will squish himself between spots where he would otherwise fit, if it weren't for his tall casque. He'll scrape his head along either the cage wall, or a branch. Whatever is in his way! I recently updated his cage...
  4. parisaurusrex

    my stubborn & burnt fool.

    Somehow, Ziggy managed to burn/scrape the top of his casque. I'm not even sure how he did this to himself since I made sure his tallest basking perch was 7 inches from the top of the cage, and the lamp is another 3 above that! But he does like to sometimes stand on his back legs whilst on his...
  5. parisaurusrex

    Show me your veileds!! :)

    Here's Ziggy Stardust! He's a year and a few months old :)
  6. parisaurusrex

    Pictures. Senior members help pls.

    She's very blessed to have you as her momma! With all this love you are giving her, she'll recover in no time!
  7. parisaurusrex

    which dripper do you have?

    I use the ZooMed Big Dripper. Only reason I got a big one instead of little was because they were the same price during an online sale! I had a little trouble with getting it to drip at the right consistency, it'd either stop, or pour out! But I put a bobby pin on the hose and now it drips...
  8. parisaurusrex

    *Victory dance*

    I've had Ziggy for just over 3 months now, although sometimes it feels like its been forever! I've been slowly letting him out, trying to acclimate him to myself, and to say he has been less than thrilled would be an understatement completely! He is a little muncher, he loves to lick off all...
  9. parisaurusrex

    Another Round of Caption This Photo!

    Uh, Excuse me. This background does not match what I'm wearing.
  10. parisaurusrex

    Compatible Small Nocturnal Gecko for Viv

    I'd be really interested to see the results! Sounds like a cool idea.. Wish I could do that with my veiled.. but I'm POSITIVE he's make a great little snack out of anything i tried to put in there! ;)
  11. parisaurusrex

    What do you use?

    I use a Canon 5D mark iii .. but only because I also have a photography business ;) My first canon was a Canon EOS XS - basically a t3i, and it worked perfectly for taking photos of my little guys! and its much more affordable! Search on ebay :)
  12. parisaurusrex

    Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!

    What do you have on the outside of your enclosure? also.. did you make that lattice type thing in there?! How did you do that! It's perfect.. my guy loves to climb all over the screen, and I'd feel so much better if I gave him something else to grab. Im worried about him ripping his little...
  13. parisaurusrex

    Daario showing his Seahawks pride

    WooHoo!! I'm also on the fence.. being from the seattle area.. I'm like a born-to-be hawks fan, but i LOVE the saints! They are my team! But I think i'd like to see our sea birdies go to the Super Bowl! Daario is gorgeous, his attitude sounds a lot like my Ziggy's. Maybe they're in cahoots;)
  14. parisaurusrex

    Feeder racks and feeders

    This is incredible! I'm hoping to pick up some mass amounts of feeders at the upcoming portland expo, and this helps me a lot! I've done ton of research, and I've seen others photos, but more never hurts! Thanks for posting this! Quick question - do you use the flex watt heat tape for every...
  15. parisaurusrex

    Breeding my veiled

    I'm just gunna quote this because its exactly what I wanted to say ;)
  16. parisaurusrex

    Strange question, maybe?

    its like a chameleons version of a burp ;)
  17. parisaurusrex


    Ziggy has found his newest favorite way to chill out - hanging upside down with his little arms tucked in at the side! I think he's been watching all my national geographic documentaries with me, he's decided to go full opossum! er.. sorry the photo is sideways :o
  18. parisaurusrex

    does anyone else's cham do this???

    Yep! Ziggy scratches himself on any and everything, and if that doesn't work he does exactly that! Like a little dinosaur dog. and i can't blame him! Ever get a really bad sunburn? when those suckers start to peel they are itchy as all get out, I couldn't imagine it on my entire body!
  19. parisaurusrex

    New Chameleon!

    I'm pretty sure your temps are a bit high for a little guy! Also- I'd get rid of the substrate. If he's anything like my guy, he'll eat the moss and that can cause some serious issues! Can you post any photos of your set up? As far as not eating goes - he may just be a little stressed out...
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