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  1. ChiefRedman

    Appetite questions

    Hey guys, so over the past few months my veiled has lost a interest in some feeders. He LOVES his crickets and supers, but he has lost almost all interest in horn,butter, and silk worms. My guess its because the crickets and supers move alot so it peaks his interest. Ive tried the whole cycle...
  2. ChiefRedman

    Merlin has grown up (:

    Hey Everyone ! It's been a while since I've updated ! Merlin one of Jann's great grands has grown up into a grouchy man, but he still loves to come out and shower and explore! Hope everyone is well !
  3. ChiefRedman


    I got a fresh order of large reptiworms in yesterday, they was all wiggling and fine , I woke up this morning to all of them black...are they molting or whats the deal ? thanks !
  4. ChiefRedman

    MistKing Times

    Out of curiosity what would everyone recommend for a mistking mist schedule for a veiled ? Mine is as of now every day 9:AM -3 min 12:PM -3 min 4:PM - 3 min I just wanted to see what everyone thought about this and if I need to tweek it. I've searched through a couple of old...
  5. ChiefRedman

    Pecan Silks

    I have always seen silkworms in a variety of trees around where I grew up? My question being are these silkworms okay to feed? Or should I just grab them out of the tree and try to breed them? or could I gutload them and "cleanse" them like you would crickets and other feeders? Thanks!
  6. ChiefRedman

    Attitude change

    Alright guys, so every since I moved merlin into his big boy cage he has started acting strange. He used to be very sweet , but now not so much. I've tried everything, I offer his favorite foods and no response, I try to wear all white when I get him out, and If I get him out he frantically runs...
  7. ChiefRedman

    Merlin wanted to say hello!

    I would normally post this on the great grand thread, but Merlin was showing some awesome colors outside today and I couldnt help but share!:) The picture does my little man no justice! I was in awe when he showed me these colors!
  8. ChiefRedman

    Fish fertilizer

    What is everyone's view on using this product? I know that it is organic , but I'm concerned about the nitrogen levels There is a total of 5.0% nitrogen 1.0% phosphate 1.0% soluble Potash Is it safe or no? I was browsing around at Lowes and seen in on the shelf. Thanks in advanced:)
  9. ChiefRedman

    Flies the other dark meat

    Hey guys and gals! I was just wondering what everyone's procedure on feeding off blue bottle flies to chams, Would keeping the spikes in his cage be okay or would they over populate the cage? Thanks in advanced! :)
  10. ChiefRedman


    Hey guys, I'm considering getting a extra cage to keep outside for my chameleon to explore. Please contact me if anyone has used cages they are trying to get rid of , thanks !!
  11. ChiefRedman


    Hey Guys! I was wondering if anyone else on the forums pokes holes in the reptiworms. I've read on multiple sites you are suppose to do that ? Can anyone give me a inside on this? Note these are for a 3 month veiled
  12. ChiefRedman

    The Great Grand Experience

    Hello! This a thread started for the Luie and Camille's great grands! I'm excited to see how everyone's babies turn out. I invite not only the great grands owners but other viewers to take part in this thread! I hope everyone enjoys because I know I sure will!
  13. ChiefRedman

    Merlin is perfect !

    Merlin just turned 10 weeks old yesterday , and I can say he is one looker! :D
  14. ChiefRedman

    Fake tree

    Hey Guys, I have been thinking about adding a vine that attaches to a fake tree outside the cage. What are your views on this? Of course it would be used for when I am in the room with him
  15. ChiefRedman

    New Baby Veiled !

    Everyone I am very pleased and excited to introduce Merlin!:D First Chameleon , so I'm excited to see what the future brings!
  16. ChiefRedman

    Mini Dome

    Would a zoo med mini dome (5.5in) with a 60w bulb be okay as a basking lamp? or should I get the larger 7 inch one? The smaller one would work better for my cage space, but would let off too small of a heat wave for a basking area?
  17. ChiefRedman

    DIY Finished !

    Hey Everyone , I have finally finished the cage and Rain system! Thanks everyone for the ideas and inspiration that was put in behind this! I'm very pleased to announce that I will be getting one of Jann's babies! A huge shoutout to her for helping me through this and answering all of my stupid...
  18. ChiefRedman

    Branch help !

    I have not a clue of how I want to arrange my branches , I'm getting a pothos plant tomorrow , but will this be enough climbing space? I'm also looking at adding some fake plants and vines, opinions are welcomed !
  19. ChiefRedman


    Hey guys ! I was wondering how to make driftwood safe , I have many large pieces that won't fit in a oven. Would a good bleach bath and sealing it be suffice? I have some really unique pieces that would look amazing in my enclosure !
  20. ChiefRedman

    My DIY Cage !

    Hey guys ! This is my first post , and before anything , I want to thank everyone who has posted before hand! This website has helped me tremendously! This will be my first chameleon and the posts on this website has made these first steps go by smoothly ! Anyways this is my cage I built ...
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