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  1. chameleon conjurer

    Panther is not shedding

    I rescued a young panther (born around the beginning of the year) with MBD. I got him around mid-March and I nursed him back to health. He was starting a shed when I took him in. He had a great deal of trouble with that shed which I assumed had to do with his help. It took a couple of weeks to...
  2. chameleon conjurer

    Possible health issue?

    This lump began to show up two days ago. It hasn't grown since yesterday, but I'm concerned that it might be some type of cancerous growth. He's about 3.25 years old. All cage and environment parameters are within normal as is his eating and behavior. His fecal looks the same as always. Has...
  3. chameleon conjurer

    Rango vs. The Pheonix Worm

    Here are some action photos of my young Ambilobe nabbing a Pheonix worm.
  4. chameleon conjurer

    Water Allotment

    I'm taking care of a rescue chameleon. He's a two year old veiled chameleon who lost his tongue in an accident. I feed an water him by hand. I've been giving him 2 cc's (2 ml) of water a day. I got this figure from the literature in the box of ReptiAid that I bought. I think this might be too...
  5. chameleon conjurer

    Do you have a Kammerflage Kreation?

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has bought from Kammerflage. Testimonials at a seller's sight will of course be good ones. Can I get some yeas or nays from some of you forum bretheren. Thanks! CC
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