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  1. ibdragons

    wc faly

    Here's my new wc nosy faly
  2. ibdragons

    Young nosy mitsio "Hulk"

    my young boy is looking very good for a captive bred nosy mitsio.hope you guys enjoy him. His sire is mysterio and dame is Jada a wc female.
  3. ibdragons

    My nosy falys

    these are my boys all cb except for the last one is wc
  4. ibdragons

    wild caught Nosy Faly

    Just wanted to show you this nosy faly
  5. ibdragons

    Unrelated pair of bluebar ambilobes

    Hi forums I have a pair of unrelated bluebars . The male is from my bombero line he is 15 months old the dames sire is the one and only Hyperion from chameleon company. The female is 7 months she is from my trigger line. First two pics is of the available male fired up and relaxed. last pic is...
  6. ibdragons

    Nosy be true blue females

    Hi forums these are the last of the Neptune line of girls 5 month old are$185+ shipping 7.5 month old girls are$225+ shipping . The genetics on these girls are amazing first three pics are of brothers of these girls last pic is one of the older girls that is available of interested email me at...
  7. ibdragons

    Cb nosy faly for sale

    Hi forums this Faly is from the kush/triton line. He is an aggressive breeder he is 15 months old.He is selling for$550 shipped to any of the lower 48-states.Email me for pictures of the sire. He is very laid back.He eats crickets, silks, horned, supers.if interested email me at...
  8. ibdragons

    Neptune boys

    these are two nosy bes I hatched from my Neptune line. I have sisters for sale if interested email me at [email protected] one of them
  9. ibdragons

    Neptune females 4&6-for sale

    Dear forums I have beautiful 4&6 month old females for sale 4 month are $165+ shipping 6 month are $185+ shipping if you get more than one I will sell them at a lower price. If you have a beautiful male and you want to breed you will create a nice nosy be line.$550 shipped for 3-6 month and two...
  10. ibdragons

    For sale bluebar ambilobes 4 months

    I have males and females from my trigger line, dames sire is mysterion from creature four months their color is awesome males are$235+ shipping females (limited) are $180+ shipping first two pics are available males third is sire trigger fourth dames sire mysterion email me at...
  11. ibdragons

    Neptune offspring for sale 4&6 month

    Dear forums I have some beautiful males the younger ones are$275+ shipping.the older ones are$300+ shipping. They are from my Neptune line.these are the last of babies.All and I mean all the males from four clutches came out true blue. I've seen other offspring from other pairings of nosy be...
  12. ibdragons

    100 percent pure female nosy falys for sale

    Hi forums I have females for sale from sire Bobbies boy 1st pic.and dames sire is kush.second pic is actual brother of the females I have for sale look at the red rain and the high white.I have other brothers and they look awesome.they are not for sale only the females.they are five months old...
  13. ibdragons

    my next nosy faly breeder

    Hi forums this is one of my breeders to be. He comes from Bobbies boy he's five months look at the red rain. I have sisters for sale I will post soon of interested let me know by email.
  14. ibdragons

    Meet Captain America

    Hi forums for those of you that haven't met him here he is
  15. ibdragons

    Blue bar ambilobe subadult male 9 months

    Hi forums I have 9 month old bluebar ambilobe.his blue bars are outlined with red.he comes from my payaso line.he is$325+ shipping he turns yellow when excited.first pic is him abd the second pic also.third is the sire
  16. ibdragons

    bluebar ambilobe for sale

    Hi forums I have babies going on three months.the sire comes from the flash line from Amazing Blue via pemexdragons. The dames sire is mysterion from creature chameleons.males are$225+ sh females are$195+ sh . If you get more than one I will give you a deal.questions email me at...
  17. ibdragons

    for sale nosy be females

    Hi forums I have some of the best genetics as far as the deep blue you can find in nosy be Panthers.females are three month and some are four and a half month. The three month are$175+sh 4.5 month are$190 plus shipping.the older ones a re huge for their age one of the sisters not for sale...
  18. ibdragons

    Nosy be

    Just want to show you guys one of my Nosy be baby he is 3 and a half months oldI've had babies before but the blue on these guys is pretty impressive
  19. ibdragons

    True blue nosy be amazing bloodlines

    I have some more males and females for sale. Just like the first clutch the males sold fast . the sire is Neptune from creature chameleons and the females sire is Blue Dream from chameleon paradise. A week after hatching you can see the blue on the males. Males are 300 + sh females are 200 +sh...
  20. ibdragons

    Rob Clark Faly

    Hi just thought id show you one of Robs creations. He is a Daulugheri boy. As you can see this guy is young and look at his red rain its crazy . his white is awesome. This is a beautiful captive bred nosy Faly specimen
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