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  1. bradleymarky

    does shedding get harder

    when chams get a bit older.....reason i ask is when i had my veiled and she was aroung 9 months old the sheds started to take much longer to fall off, know i have my panther whos 9-10 months old and hes shedding at the moment but it seems to take forever to come off ans the shed looks thicker
  2. bradleymarky

    hes getting some colour

  3. bradleymarky

    skin sticking out of bottom

    my panther went to the toilet today and it took him quite a while getting rid of a lot of poo, when he had finished i noticed he had a small peice of white skin like flesh sticking out of his bottom. ive just checked him and it seems to be getting smaller and starting to curl. any ideas ppl
  4. bradleymarky

    morio worm size

    i bought some for my cham but they look rather big (around 2 inch) my cham is 7-8 month old and i`m scared to try them in case he cant swallow them. will they be ok........................:confused:
  5. bradleymarky

    clocks go forward

    not really for the u.s members but a lot of other countries have to go throught it twice a year........this saturday
  6. bradleymarky

    male or female !!

    i bought him as a male but not sure. thick tail base with a vent showing most of the time and shows green on heag and flanks with a bright red under the chin, hes 7 month old but if it was a girlie i would have thought it would be showing more pinky peachy colour :confused:
  7. bradleymarky

    new set up

    this is my panthers new home
  8. bradleymarky

    Eating chameleons !!

    that got you all wondering :) ive watched hundreds of wildlife programmes and most of the animals shown have been eaten by something (with the exception of tigers and lions) but have never watched a chameleon being attacked by another animal, i was wondering what would be a natural predator...
  9. bradleymarky

    velvet geckos

    do you guys get them in your country (might be a silly question)
  10. bradleymarky

    outside temp

    its currently 4 degrees in my location and its 1750 pm (pretty cold)
  11. bradleymarky

    Mesh advice

    ive got my panther in a wood and glass viv at the moment but i want to mesh the top but i`m not sure what to use, metal, aluminium or plastic coated wire. i did buy a 4 foot flexarium but they look too flimsy so i will keep that for the summer so my chams can go outside for a bit of sun...
  12. bradleymarky

    Too popular

    first of all i dont want to slag anybody off ....but ive read a lot of posts by new owners lately who havent got a clue what to do with their chams, they seem to buy them and take it from there (not just on this forum) i am a relativley new owner but i did a lot of research first and was...
  13. bradleymarky

    Clocks go back

    do the clocks in the u.s go back this sunday as we do in the u.k and is this a global thing or just to do with the war
  14. bradleymarky

    maybe gravid

    my 9 month old female yemen is showing markings i have never seen before and being very aggressive towards me, i was wondering if she is old enough to lay eggs. i have a bucket and play sand at the ready should i put it in now
  15. bradleymarky

    Bradenton florida

    a family member has just moved to the area and are loving it, ive told her to keep a look out for chams but i dont know if she will see any in the trees ive been invited to come next summer, it will be last week in july and first week in august (hope its not too hot) :cool:
  16. bradleymarky

    Meet ikabod

    my new 3 month old male panther, sorry about the picture my camera is pants
  17. bradleymarky

    Plant i.d

    i picked this up today and was wondering if it is a pothos as it didnt have any i.d on it and couldnt find anybody with brains to tell me
  18. bradleymarky

    daft poop question

    do male chams do bigger poos than females :o like i said daft question
  19. bradleymarky

    new panther

    i bought this from a guy who said it was ambilobe x ambanja its been showing some lovely colours. hes 9 month old and hes called neville
  20. bradleymarky

    aft to the vets

    i took my poorly aft to the vets and she said it was probably parasites with it being w/c, it cost me £60.00 for a poop check and £110.00 overall and i still have to go back for another consultation (£20.00) and then pay for the anti biotics £????? this gecko better make my breakfast everyday...
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