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  1. kimmytheriault


    They emerged!!! I have ten moths and five that are still pupating. It's pretty cool! :) Thanks for all the input - I really appreciate it.
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    how can you tell if they have gone into diapause? all of mine still seem to be alive, but some are wayyyyyy darker in color than others. Some are still a nice amber/brown color while some have changed to a very deep brown, almost black color. if i look closely too i can almost see the "fur" on...
  3. kimmytheriault

    Blatant disrespect

    no joke, mine did the same thing today!!! he's also eaten quite a lot of hormworms lately, so i'm sure you get the picture. HUGE too.. what gives?! then he was perturbed when I had the nerve to clean it.. sat there flared up. jeez! (I was pretty sure he hated me prior to this, now I am certain!)
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    still pupating - i think three have died (i put them into a seperate container at the moment because i am not sure if they are dead or just not moving as much anymore.) if they are still "lifeless" tomorrow i'll probably chuck 'em. as to the other ones - they are still keeping on! i'll keep...
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    Updated pyg enclosure

    @Twitchet that baby pyglet made my day! SO cute. i can't even imagine!
  6. kimmytheriault

    Updated pyg enclosure

    ahhhh!! i can't handle this!!! your viv is amazing!!
  7. kimmytheriault

    My new little guy

    O.J. is gorgeous! (Wish I could offer more help by answering some of your questions, but as a novice chameleon keeper I really don't have any good answers. Just wanted to let you know how beautiful I think your boy is!)
  8. kimmytheriault

    He's pissed!!

    Holy pissed off chameleon!! Naga's display was quite lovely though - I know he may not of been happy but he sure made me happy. Gorgeous. Forgive me because I don't know the proper term, but when he started moving his "flaps" I almost died. haha!! So incredible. That truly was quite the show...
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    About two or so weeks ago I received an order of hornworms from rainbow mealworms as part of my "chameleon sampler pack".. Unfortunately, for my chameleon, about half of them were too large to be eaten. (Since I'd specifically asked for smalls with my order rainbow mealworms was kind enough to...
  10. kimmytheriault

    Help with the Stick Bugs!

    @Nicholasdeaan - I'm with you on the bacon. I am NOT fan. As to the stick bugs - good luck! I can't find them either! haha.
  11. kimmytheriault

    Is a bonsai suitable for a panther?

    My husband has been doing bonsai for years - and what @PJK said is spot on. It all depends on what type of tree the bonsai is. Ficus is used often. As are tons of variations of spruce. I have also seen rhododendron used often for bonsai, and I once read (and correct me if I am wrong) that they...
  12. kimmytheriault

    Cage Critique

    Definitely, definitely get him some live plants (I know you said you were planning on it, but I figured I'd say it anyway!). Moisture holds on them SO MUCH longer than fake ones. I also agree that he needs some more horizontal space. He's a good looking boy though! Congratulations and enjoy...
  13. kimmytheriault

    My new Chameleons

    Stunning. It must feel so nice to be back at chameleon keeping - something it sounds like you were born to do! Your new friends are beautiful.
  14. kimmytheriault

    Veiled stares at his feeder dish all day

    My veiled chameleon, who is approximately the same age, also did this too. He was never sated.. ever. So much so that I also was afraid I was under feeding him, then (like you) I was afraid I was over feeding him. I must have read the caresheets fifty times to make sure I was in the proper...
  15. kimmytheriault

    My funny chameleon

    FINALLY caught a picture of Custard doing something silly - rather than serious. I'm pretty sure he thought he was holding a branch, rather than his tail!
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    @MadisonSpits you asked about the supplements in your post. I want to first say I am a novice veiled chameleon keeper and only have one male.. with that said I follow what the care sheet on this website specifies (i will like it below).. pretty much BOTH of those supplements you have should be...
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    disregard my post on the other thread.. as i see you did it!! You should use the link I attached below and answer these questions (and post them on this thread) so the experienced individuals here can help access your husbandry and help you get Emerald back on track - as she definitely needs...
  18. kimmytheriault

    My funny chameleon

    @MadisonSpits that last picture is very surprising. She is VERY dehydrated and needs water - pronto. I was advise a long shower. I also see that she doesn't appear to have any live plants in her enclosure - these help keep up humidity. How often are you spraying her? Actually, I think it may be...
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    I have a couple hornworms that were too big for my chameleon to eat.. looked exactly like those giant ones you posted! I let them pupate, which they are currently in the process of doing. They're in clear containers and I can see them changing everyday.. it's kind of cool. Although I don't have...
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