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  1. eppcheck

    My Last One Adult Male BB

    Here is my last guy for sale. He is about two years old and his name is Neb. Full name was Nebulas from a previous owner. He can get aggressive, but usually he is bluffing. He started off really blue when I got him. I thought he was possibly a cross with something else besides ambilobe, but the...
  2. eppcheck

    Full Complete Setups Lots of Stuff

    Getting rid of some of my Chameleon Stuff to make room for other hobbies. Local pickup preferred. The prices listed are negotiable and I'll accept the best offer . If you want anything shipped PM it will include additional fees + shipping. Shelving unit can't be shipped. Lighting 4 x 18"...
  3. eppcheck

    Trans Hypo Female Baby

    I received her a month ago and it was a spur of the moment purchase. She is a Translucent Hypo Female baby that needs a good home. I'm moving towards other hobbies and need to get her to a good home. $250 + Shipping. If you know your beardies she is worth every penny. PM for shipping quotes.
  4. eppcheck

    Pair Adult Male and female Ambilobes

    I have two adult ambilobes that I just don't have room for. These two are brother and sister. They are both about 11-12 months. The female is a virgin. This is the male available for $350 + Shipping This is his sister available for $250 + shipping PM if your interested or...
  5. eppcheck

    Eye Issue came back

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? Female Panther 1.5 year of age captive bred. I received her Feb 14th 2012 so a little over 2 weeks in my care. Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Normally...
  6. eppcheck

    Safety Questions

    If you have a two plug outlet how many electrical plug ins would be safe to use? I currently only need to plug in fluorecent UVB bulbs and 50 watt halogent bulbs. Questions is, how many heat lamps and fluorescent light fixtures could I use for one outlet and it not be an electrical hazard...
  7. eppcheck

    Pictures of Crosses Plz

    I'm sure there is a thread out there like, but I couldn't find it using the search. I just wanted to share pictures of a cross I sold awhile back and see other peoples crosses aswell. The cross I had was one of my faves out of all of the chams I've owned. He was ambilobe X ambanja and was...
  8. eppcheck

    Non-Receptive Female

    I can't seem to find out why my female panther isn't being receptive to my male. I've done research and she is showing receptive colors from what I've seen on Sandrachameleons Blog and from personal experience with mating chams. She has the light peach color and shows pink. She is 1.5 years old...
  9. eppcheck

    Red-earred Slider Aquatic Turtle

    I have a red-earred slider that I don't have time to take care of. I just want him to go to a good home. He is about 5 inches and 2 years old. I've had him since he was a baby and he has been spoiled and taken very good care of. I will not charge a rehoming fee just cost to cover shipping. PM...
  10. eppcheck

    Sub-adult female Nosy Be

    I'm looking for a sub-adult nosy be anywhere between 6 months to a year. PM me with price and sire please.
  11. eppcheck

    Trade Females

    I have a young female Ambilobe that came with her brother. She is approaching 8 months. I'd like to trade so I have an unrelated pair. If you have another female equal to or older we could do a straight trade. I can provide pictures of her brother who has beautiful colors at a young age already...
  12. eppcheck

    Male Bearded Dragon - High Orange Translucent

    This is Demon, a 2 year old male that produces beautiful babies. Kept by experienced keeper. No nips, healthy, and ready to breed. Fed on gut loaded dubia roaches, crickets, red runners and of course veggies. No health issues, very active and great appetite. 450 shipped overnight! He is...
  13. eppcheck

    11mo Ambilode x Ambanja Cross

    I have a 11 month old Ambilode X Ambanja cross that I picked up at an expo 5 months ago. Very healthy and well kept. I'm again trying down size and he has to go. $250 shipped
  14. eppcheck

    5 Month Ambilobe needs new home

    Have to make some room and unfortunetly this little guy needs a new home. He is about 5 months and very healthy. Message me if you have any questions. Click to enlarge images The Sire
  15. eppcheck

    size of a enclosure for two quads.

    As some of you know I'm putting a lot of money and work into a quad enclosure specifically for their unique requirements. I'm wandering since like I posted before multiple quads have been known to live together just fine. I'm entertaining the idea at the moment, but was curious how large of an...
  16. eppcheck

    Warning on the 10.0 for Veiled female

    Now this might not apply to every veiled female cham seeing as I've read many people use 10.0 on large enclosures successfully. Anyways, a month and a half ago I experimented using a 10.0 in her enclosure. My logic behind this was because the UVB rays would extend further down the larger...
  17. eppcheck

    Reptile Cage Plans

    Anybody every use this? Seems like it would have some good tips and techniques to make cheap unique enclosures.
  18. eppcheck

    quad enclosure advise plz

    So, I'm in the process of planning a customized enclosure for a quad. From my research it appears they need their humidity very high and low temperatures 70-85. My main concern is keeping the correct amount of humidity seeing as some of the sources I've read recommend up to 90%. source and...
  19. eppcheck

    Correct this if needed I've been doing some research on Four Horned Chameleons and this "care" sheet says and I quote "This species of chameleon is unique because two males will gladly share one captive habitat, as with other species the males will constantly...
  20. eppcheck

    Regarding Wild Caught Chams

    Prolly a noob topic, but I'm just curious about the main diffrences between WC and CB. I know that wild caught chameleons potentially could have unknown health issues like parasites and such but what else? Are wild caught avoided because they are not easily adapted to a captive environment? I...
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