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  1. ibdragons

    Lights out advice please

    It should be complete darkness at sleep time, if you have a Panther you don't a heat light unless it goes below 50f
  2. ibdragons

    Gravid, receptive or just cold?

    could be gravid or in between or neutral (non receptive,not gravid) put a lay box for sure . in my opinion gravid are more black and more orange. good luck
  3. ibdragons

    So the panther market has crashed?

    also you have several breeders that are mass producing babies and they can't move them. I've seen ambilobes for 125 on classifieds. unless you have a standout bloodlines it will make it hard for you to sell at prices from before.
  4. ibdragons

    wc faly

    Here's my new wc nosy faly
  5. ibdragons

    Making a self efficient ecosystem. Help please?!

    Good luck on your project. I would keep all the lights outside the cage the uvb one won't burn him but when you misting it can get real wet and brake . I would also make sure there is wooden dowels or vines going across and through plants at all levels. One thing I see is some owners have a...
  6. ibdragons

    Rescue - tongue not sticking

    I would disable the crickets,(remove legs) so it can catch them easier or put a cup where you put the food at. I had a female that had tounge issues and she lived a good life, good luck
  7. ibdragons

    My Parsonii Cooper Photos

    He is one of the best chams I've ever seen . Amazing Anima.
  8. ibdragons

    Hello! Am I doing right with this little one?

    Is it a panther? if it is you should feed more crickets, super worms imo should be treats.i say that because a while back I had one that would only eat supers and he developed anal relapse .all I can think of is his stool was hard due to the harder bodies of the super. I can't prove that but I...
  9. ibdragons

    Parsonii Hatching!

    Hi Garrett what kind of parsons are these? Great job by the way
  10. ibdragons

    Prolapse. Any help would be great.

    I've tried sugar water, put ice on it to make it shrink, preperation H, and it's only s temp solution. They don't survive. Your best bet is the vet asap, if the rectum has any dark areas it's too late, it means that area is dead tissue. I took one to the vet with a very small area that had dark...
  11. ibdragons

    Young nosy mitsio "Hulk"

    my young boy is looking very good for a captive bred nosy mitsio.hope you guys enjoy him. His sire is mysterio and dame is Jada a wc female.
  12. ibdragons

    panther tongue issue

    I heard it is because of a lack of vitamin A might want to look into that.
  13. ibdragons

    Interview with Jan Stipala

    Good interview thank you
  14. ibdragons

    My nosy falys

    Thank you all for your comments. Ya I love my falys
  15. ibdragons

    Klondike - one shed later :) (nosy faly)

    Shmeenakoz he came from me imperialdragons
  16. ibdragons

    Klondike - one shed later :) (nosy faly)

    He looks awesome yep I real nosy faly , he came from me rob clark that's a bobbies boy boy.
  17. ibdragons

    My nosy falys

    these are my boys all cb except for the last one is wc
  18. ibdragons

    Photos from the Faly farm

    Nice animals there robhere's another one of yours
  19. ibdragons

    Burn or shipping abrasion?

    Amazing faly, I've had panthers with burns imo is too small for a burn looks like a bruise. He's awesome congrats on him
  20. ibdragons

    wild caught Nosy Faly

    Just wanted to show you this nosy faly
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