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  1. Marshmallows mom

    Morph Cross for Sale

    Sad to say, I have to let this guy go, He's sweet, loves to eat. Not handled much. Hes about 1 1/2 years old, Morph Crossed. Names Skeeter. Asking 200$
  2. Marshmallows mom

    In Loving Memory of Marshmallow

    My baby Marshy passed away about three months ago, She was such a grouchy cham but we loved her dearly. She is missed so much. :(
  3. Marshmallows mom

    Our New Addition

    Hello all. I recently added another Cham to our family. His name is Skeeter. :D He is a morph cross, got him from the lovely people at Reptile Nerds. Heres a pic of him after his first shed with me... Very happy with this little guy.
  4. Marshmallows mom

    Nosy Be???

    Hello All, So recently I was told that Gatsby my nosy be may not be a nosy be. I was told he may be a Nosy Faly. Im about 99.9% sure he is a nosy be, but when someone had mentioned this I did second guess it. Any Input? :rolleyes:
  5. Marshmallows mom

    Need Advice

    Hello everyone, I have a 1yr old Nosy be (had him since he was 3 months old) my main issue with this guy, Aggression. He wont let me near him at all, He will hiss, lunge and try to bite me every time. I am able to put his food and clean his cage out without him trying anything. The aggression...
  6. Marshmallows mom

    Need Help, Marshy behaving weird....

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - 1 yr old male Veiled. Handling - Not to much, just to take him out to free range Feeding - Crickets (10-12 a day) 1 horn worm a day. Supplements - Calcium everytime he gets crickets, caluim with d3 twice a month. Watering - Aqua Zamp goes on every two...
  7. Marshmallows mom

    Marshy Free ranging...

    So I went to Downtown LA (Flower District) and got this awesome tree for my chams for only 20$!!!!!!!!! :eek:
  8. Marshmallows mom

    Fake or Real???

    I have been told that real plants are bad for a panther, but also been told that its better for them. Any opinions out there? My nosy be will be on hes way soon and im putting the final touches on his cage. :rolleyes:
  9. Marshmallows mom

    New Family member

    Hi all, I would like to introduce the new member of our family.... Jake :D
  10. Marshmallows mom

    In need of some feeders

    Hello, So my cham deiced that he doesn't want crickets anymore. So Im looking to get horn/silk worms maybe some Roaches. If any one has any... please PM or email me at [email protected] I live in the Los Angeles area, I dont mind paying for shipping. Thanks! :rolleyes:
  11. Marshmallows mom

    Red Eye green tree frog

    Hello all, sad :( to say that I have to rehome my frog. I will be moving soon and I cant keep her. She is very sweet, healthy and is about 1 1/2 years old. I live in Los Angeles, ca right now, will be leaving mid august. Please PM if interested, Local pick up only. Thanks.
  12. Marshmallows mom

    Moving soon.

    Hello All, in need of some advice. I will be moving by the end of the month. From California to New Mexico, marshmallow will be traveling with us (of course) but it will be a 12hr drive. anything I should do or not do? :confused:
  13. Marshmallows mom

    Eye trouble

    So today when I got home I noticed that Marshmallow had his right eye closed. 10 mins later he opened it but it seems a little off to me... what do you all think?:confused:
  14. Marshmallows mom

    Shedding ?

    So I've had marshmallow for a month now, when I got him he was 3 months old. I was wondering when I should expect him to start shedding? :confused:
  15. Marshmallows mom

    Grape Vine Wood....

    SO I just got some grape vine wood for my cham's cage... any one suggested I do anything to it before I put it in? Need advice on this, Im use to fake stuff! Thanks!!! :confused:
  16. Marshmallows mom

    Looking for Hornworms

    HI There..... I live out in the Los Angeles Area and was wondering if anyone knew where I can get Horn Worms??? I Know that petsmart and petco dont carry them. Anyone know of any places out my way? Thanks! :)
  17. Marshmallows mom

    Need some help...

    HI everyone, I have a 3-4 month old male veiled chamy... Last night I noticed that he was laying down on his right side on top of a leaf (he has a live plant in his cage) I recently picked him up at the reptile expo... also I have notice that his color is a dull greenish brown when hes in his...
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