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  1. mlee5457

    OFF insect repellent?

    Hey everyone! I have been noticing a lot of gnats in my cage in the soil pot and they are starting to fly arounf the house! Getting on my nerves! I have repotted twice, used soapy water but they wont go away! So i had an idea and couldnt find anywhere if it has been posted! but what if i spray...
  2. mlee5457

    Shedding question

    I saw the new theme for the photo contest and made me wonder is there a certain time of year that chams are supposed to shed? now? As some of you may have read in other posts i am a first time cham owner and ive had my male panther for almost 4 weeks and really havent thought much of...
  3. mlee5457

    eye problems/questions

    Ok i have read a lot of posts on eye swelling and what not on here. none seem to give me answers on what my little guy is doing. the only way to discribe it is to watch this video...... He is a 3 1/2 month old Sambava Panther, i have had him for 11...
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