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    Clyde update

    Clyde is 14 month now Had to share
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    Available Panther Babies

    3 month Ambilobes by Nacho males 225 females 175 3 month Ambilobes By Jonneyboy males 265 females 195 4 month Nosybe's by Mortimer males 250 Females 195 3 month Ambilobes by FranklinJr males 250 females 195 We use cool packs and insulated boxes in the summer. Im very experienced...
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    3 month Ambilobes 225,00

    Sire is Nacho dams sire is FranklinJr males are 225 females are 175. shipping is 25-55. Feel free to call/text me at 503-704-9406 with any questions. i use cool packs and insulated shipping boxes during the summer months. i have many others available thanks curt
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    Blackfriday FREE SHIPPING

    Hey guys we have a 4 3month FranklinJr Ambilobe males on our website listed with FREE shipping. Till monday or until there gone !!We also listed a subadult male sired by Nacho.We are very flexible,and excellent at cold weather shipping.. Go to www.EpicChameleons to purchase one of our specials
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    looking for a couple new breeders

    im looking for a adult RBBB ambilobe male or another Ambanja adult male.Im looking for boys that are eager to breed! Feel free to shoot me pictures and your asking price to [email protected]
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    Available Panthers!

    4 month Nosybe females priced to move at 125ea 3 month Proven Tamataves ,males 350ea 1 female left 350ea 3 month Ambilobes sired by Nacho,males 250ea females 175ea 1 month Ambilobes sired by FranklinJr(taking reservations) males 250ea female 195ea Shipping is 25-55 There are more pictures of...
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    Nosybe females

    Time to make room for the next clutch.4 month Nosybe females sired by Mortimer 125.00 plus shipping.Mortimer is pictured below PM me for details
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    I Have some 3-4 month super blue Nosybe girls sired by my Mortimer.And Ambilobe females sired by Nacho. They are 165.00 each shipped. Or 450.00 for 3 shipped. There are pictures of Mortimer&Nacho on my website These girls come with a live arrival and a 7 day health...
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    One of my new boys. We will have little ones next spring.
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    Intrducing Clyde

    There were a few CH mellers available recently. I've been after one for a few years now.I certainly don't recommend buying one this young.But I didnt want to miss out. Meet Clyde :D:D:D:D:D
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    How to start Breeding

    This is how it all begins.Here we have a pair of very nice baby ambilobes. The male 2.75 month (first 2 pictures) is sired by Nacho The female 3 month (3rd&4th pictures is sired by FranklinJr The male is 250,The female is 195. Plus shipping, or you can purchase the unrelated pair for...
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    CB Tamatave Babies!!!

    Well my High White Tamataves have finally hatched after almost 10 months. Im quite pleased with how well there doing so far.I just love there perfect little U bars.I should have some available in August.
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    Chameleon beer

    I made some silly labels.I had to share
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    Creep my Trans-Veiled

    Creep just hit the 9 month mark.His colors have a nice start.He is as spicy as they come.Until he see's a slice of melon.Then he gets real nice. but only until the the melons gone.I have a couple unrelated female for him. I plan on breeding him later this year.
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    5 month NosyFaly male

    This guy hatched early Aug.His sire was Donald(last photo) He is 250.00 plus shipping.Feel free to PM me. Or Text/Call and leave a message. Thanks for looking Curt 503-704-9406
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    6month Stunning Nosybe Hold back

    As much as I would like to keep this guy.I just cant keep them all. His Sire is my Mortimer. Dams sire is from Screameleons.He hatched The last week in july. That puts him at just over 6months old.He is 325.00 plus shipping.Feel free to PM me or Text/Call and leave a message @ 503-704-9404...
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    NW reptile expo

    We will be attending the NW Reptile EXPO this sat jan18th This is one of the best shows in the whole country. Its one of the only shows that doesn't allow WildCaught animals forsale. I will have Nosybe's,NosyFaly's and Ambilobes from FranklinJr (blue bar) and Jethro (red Bar) Stop by and say...
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    Black-Friday Special 155.00 shipped

    I have 3-4 month ambilobe females sired by FranklinJr.And 3-5 month old Nosybe females sired by Mortimer for 155.00 shipped.Or 2 for 250.00 shipped. In cooler weather I can have it held at a fedex hub.I am very flexible as far as shipping goes and can wait for a shipping window if the weather is...
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    You know you have too many chameleons when??

    The neighbor kids knock on your door,,,,and asks.Can I rake your leaves for a chameleon? Next....
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    2.75 month ambilobe males

    These 2 boys hatched out July29th. There sire is FranklinJr and there moms sire was Fahrenheit They are 275.00 shipped to your door.There is purchasing information and pictures of FranklinJr on my website If you have any Question, Feel free to leave a message or text me @...
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