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  1. RobSquared

    Lighting Questions

    I thought I read somewhere that people are now going to 10.0 UVB's instead of what I know to be the best of the reptisun 5.0. It's been a long time since I have been in the forums but and setting up 4 more enclosures and am due to replace the bulbs in the 4 enclosures I have now and get new...
  2. RobSquared

    Humidity Drop

    I am running 4- 48x24x24 homemade custom enclosures for all my boys. I have the back and one side solid and the other 2 sides and the top screened in. I have my mist king system running every 2-3 hours starting 1 hour after wake up call and ending 2 hours prior to bedtime (within 12 hour period...
  3. RobSquared

    Paw Hut Reptile Enclosure???

    Has anyone used these screened enclosures before. I am planning on moving to cross country and my full sized enclosures for my Chams are WAY to big to simply put in my Truck or 5th wheel. I am looking for something like this size to fit in the cab of my truck during traveling and then easily...
  4. RobSquared

    Got Dubia

    I have seen members on the forums sell Dubia Colonies. Is anyone out there interested in selling one? I'm feeding 4 adult chams now so whatever would work for that. Thank you in advance.
  5. RobSquared

    Got Wood? (Addition to Current Enclosure)

    Hello everyone. Sorry for not putting this up sooner but have been really busy Chameleon hunting and work, and school, and family, and you know the deal. Well here it is. Finally the finished product. Enjoy the pictures. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on this post or message me.
  6. RobSquared

    Herp Expo (Who is Going?)

    Next month in San Jose, CA they are having a Herp Expo on the 14th and 15th. Who is going or thinking about going?
  7. RobSquared

    Smoking Deal

    So I usually scrub through craigslist (mostly when I am trying to burn some time) to find a gem in the rough. I look for enclosures, lights, etc. And so I came across this handsome young man. He comes with enclosure thats in the picture plus vitamins and some food for only $120 dollars. Of...
  8. RobSquared

    First Reptile Expo Questions

    I have never been to an Expo before but found out that there is going to be an Alexanders Herp World Expo a few hours away from my house coming up here in march. I have a few questions: 1. Is it worth driving three hours to attend 2. Are there usually a vast amount of Chameleons 3. Are the...
  9. RobSquared

    Florida Residence

    I will be in Key West Florida for a couple of weeks next month and want to go search and take pictures of wild chameleons. Any ideas of areas to look? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  10. RobSquared

    Overboard Cricket Enclosure (Pics)

    So about six months ago I finished up a beautiful cricket enclosure for my Jacksons. (posted pictures back then). After about a month or so my wife started saying "well if you can do that why don't you make a cricket enclosure to look that nice so I don't see plastic bins everywhere" (She lets...
  11. RobSquared

    New Enclosure (PICS)

    As promised here is the enclosure that took almost 3 months of research, planning, designing, and building. Here are just some of the pictures throughout the build. I am by far not a professional at this but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I am just waiting on my UVB light and Heat...
  12. RobSquared

    Lighting Ideas???

    I need some help. I am almost complete with my custom enclosure. Its 2 enclosures built in one assembly. Each side is approximately 22" wide x 22" deep x 48" tall. I need some ideas on what lighting I need for this. I know I need a UVB and a heat light. What would you guys run. I have Jacksons...
  13. RobSquared

    Enclosure Update (no pics yet)

    I decided to bite the bullet and get Ultimate Value Mist King system. Just got done ordering it. Kind of hurt at the checkout lane but know I will be thanking myself later. I am still inwork on building the enclodure. I have the base built and most of the enclosure cut. I am going to use my new...
  14. RobSquared

    The Start (Wood Enclosure) for my Jacksons

    Well this is the start if my build. I have decided to do a wooden enclosure so I can make it to MY specifications and not a store bought one. When completed initial drawing it was 4ft wide, 2 ft deep and almost 7 ft tall. I will be splitting it down the middle to make 2 cages in one essentially...
  15. RobSquared

    Am I missing anything?

    I have had my Jackson Chems for 2 weeks now. I have both the male and female in one cage right now but am drawing up plans to give them their own cages. I would like to share what I have in mind and see if I am missing anything. Cage size: 20"deep x 22"wide x 5ft tall. I was planning for...
  16. RobSquared

    Please Help Identification!

    Hello everyone. Just a quick background about me. I have been interested in Chameleons for almost 4 years now but have never pulled the trigger and get one. My wife knew about this interest for a long time and we were at the pet store this weekend and behold they had a male and female Chameleon...
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