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  1. Jordan123

    Reptile Super Show Video Here is a video I made from my saturday visit to the Reptile Super Show in San Diego. For those of you who couldn't make it, you can atleast see my experience with it hehehe.
  2. Jordan123

    Video of Panther Chameleons in Madagascar wild.... this is a video someone took of the Panther Chameleons he saw in the wilds of madagascar. The beginning is a little slow but youll see a lot of them over the course of the video...just kind of cool to see someone finding them in the wild. (aside from the...
  3. Jordan123

    Recommend a good breeder?

    Im looking to buy my first chameleon in a couple months. Can anyone recommend a good breeder? Most people seem to favor Kammer on here as Ive been reading posts, but I figured I would ask around.... Cost is also a factor and Kammer seems to be pretty expensive.... (yes I can afford the...
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