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    Ants in Terrarium?

    I moved into an apartment, and yesterday was moving my male Hoehnelii's planted terrarium into the apartment. I noticed some small ants. The place I lived before I shared with other people and it was a bit dirty and had some ants running around. I thought that a few must have just made its way...
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    Keeping Dubias

    I keep my dubia colony in a regular 29 gallon aquarium. It has egg crates, a screen lid, and for heat I use a 100 watt red bulb because I read somewhere that roaches can't see light in the red wavelength. It doesn't seem to bother them. I water them with water crystals and feed them with a...
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    Cabbage White(pieris rapae)?

    Has anyone tried using cabbage white caterpillars as feeders? They were all over our broccoli plants last year, and since our garden wasn't sprayed with anything, I fed some to my Veiled Chameleon. He really enjoyed them. I eventually just started catching the butterflies that were around and...
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