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    Female Ambilobe 1.5 years old Gorgeous

    I have a female ambilobe 1.5 years old for sale. We moved and they have a strict no pet policy. Will sacrifice at $200.00 :( +ship See my pics at Pacific Chameleon in the member gallery. I am in Washington state. Call me up until 11:00 pm. Jeff 360-772-0671
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    Female Ambilobe Proven Breeder

    Beautiful female chameleon located in Vancouver Wa. Will ship. $400.00 plus shipping. Also, I have an absolute ton of accessories for chams and other reptiles. Call Jeff at 360-326-3774
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    Female Panther Proven Breeder

    I have a beautiful female panther chameleon. Look at my gallery pics to see pictures of her when she was younger. She's now a year and a half old. Laid 46 eggs last time. I have a ton of accessories that I will sell seperately if you want them too. But Just for her I am asking $400.00...
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    15 Month old Female Panther Chameleon

    She layed eggs a few weeks ago and I think she might be gravid again. She looks like she might be ready to breed again soon. She is the chameleon in my gallery pictures. She is much larger now those pictures are from a while ago. I would like to get $600.00 for her, she has magnificant...
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    Photos from panther breeding 9-28-08

    Here are some photos from todays breeding session. Warning: some images may be too graphic for younger viewers
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    male panther mated with female today

    Hey there. My female panther was showing some pinkish color today, and I thought I would let the male and female see each other for the first time. I had the male on my hand and kinda moved him in to the cage. The female saw him right away and didn't puff up or gape or change color. The male...
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    Manduca Sexta eclosed what sugar water to feed?

    Hello all! I have 15 hornworms that have pupated and I had my first moth emerge. Can someone please tell me how to prepare the sugar water for the moths? What mix of sugar to water, and what kind of feeding aparatus to use. Will a hummingbird feeder work? I know they feed from a white...
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    Female panther all white

    My female panther chameleon is pure white. She's not shedding. She was looking normal earlier, but then I cleaned the cages. Is all white a stress color? Thanks for the help. Sorry, I am having camera issues otherwise I'd post some pictures. I will post some soon, because I gotta show...
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    A discussion on Lights UVB

    Hey everyone. Hope all is well. Ok, this thread has probably been covered several times in the past, but I am new here and didn't find the information I am looking for. I am also aware that there is a potential for some disagreements with this topic as well, I am learning. Well, here...
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    New to the forums. Introducing Myself

    Hello all. I have been on chameleon forums now for a couple weeks and have just been poking around. There are a lot of experienced people on this site and I have already learned alot. I consider myself pretty good at chameleons (mainly veilds, panthers and jackson's) but I find it interesting...
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