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  1. KevinA

    Baby, Baby Sitter ->Soon

    Baby Cham, Baby Sitter ->Soon Anyone willing to take care of a couple dozen baby panthers in the very near future for me? Please Pm. 2-3 Days, no worries. All supplies and feeders provided...
  2. KevinA

    Affects of Natural Sunlight on a Panther Chameleon

    Effects of Natural Sunlight on a Panther Chameleon Hi People, Just thought I would share this. These photos are of the same animal, in the same shed over a period of a few weeks. The first photo is of him fresh into the sunlight after being housed with a 5.0 tube 04/28/2009. The next is...
  3. KevinA

    Tounge Shots

    Post em if you got one:p
  4. KevinA

    PINK Body W/Blue Bars! Another Ambilobe Superstar!

    Nice case of pink eye;) Sleepy sleep sleep. Yep, this guy fires up with amazing PINK and Blues! He's just about ready to be the star in your chameleon breeding project and as you can see, he's def. packing the goods ;) He can be yours for $225 + part of shipping costs. His sisters are...
  5. KevinA

    Some Outdoor Happy Snapping

    The big black box was trying to eat my chams again today;) I'm Flying weeee:D Hope you enjoyed.
  6. KevinA

    Smokin a Roach

    Caught this guy smokin in the boys room;)
  7. KevinA

    "Mini Meal Worms" Tenebrio Obscurus

    Does anyone have any info on these? Specifically nutritional, like calcium, phos. ect... All I found was Protein 48.31% Crude Fat 40.46% Dry Matter 43.05% Moisture 56.95% Ash 2.92% These look like baby chams might like them.
  8. KevinA

    4 Month Old Blue Bar Ambilobe Superstars (Los Angeles)

    I have here some 4 month old Blue Bar Ambilobes available that are already full of color as you can see. These are 4 months old and showing awesome colors that are only the beginning of the amazing colors that will come through over the next months. They look like they will have strong solid...
  9. KevinA

    Wholesale Crickets 1000-$10-Calabasas

    I messed up on my order and got crickets that are too big for what I wanted to use them for. These are 3 week old and would feed 4+ adults for a month or more. These are from Mulberry Farms and the box is still sealed. 1000+ Crickets for $10. Or, I will split them up for local people for...
  10. KevinA

    Holy Cows

    :eek: This little girl surprised me today to say the least Check out the reds coming in on her body:D And my favorite cham, her mom
  11. KevinA

    Baby Pictures

    Just spent a few minutes snapping some pics of my little ones and thought some might like to see them. They all have their little unique things about them. I love the little buggers:o My guy, looks like his dad This guy decided he wanted to be red A blue w/ reds My guy...
  12. KevinA

    Baby Food Question

    I have a clutch of panthers hatching and was wondering how many weeks worth of pinheads to order. I dont want to order to many and have them get too big for the babies in a a week or two. Thanks, Kevin
  13. KevinA

    Manbilobe boobs

    I took one of my guys out to check out some lumps I saw that I was worried about. He showed a color phase I have never seen before. Solid white bars:cool: Turns out bumps were manbilobe boobs:D and the sweet female
  14. KevinA

    So I found this bird (white pigeon?)

    Ya, so this bird was under my neighbors truck. It would have been eaten tonight as the coyotes are numberous in my neighborhood, and come right up to my door every night and I hear when they make kills every night too. So I...
  15. KevinA

    How long do female panthers stay receptive

    How long do female panthers stay receptive before they produce an infertile clutch? I've got a lot going on and limitted space for babies. Thanks, Kevin
  16. KevinA

    Put Yourself On The Map Took this idea from another site I frequent. You can put an indicator on the map for your location. It'll get everone a better Idea on who is close to them. Give it a try if you want.:) Let me know if it doesn't work right.:o...
  17. KevinA

    Perfect Timing!

    Just finished work for the day and went over the my chams cage to find her butt down in a hole :) I get to spend the night diggin up cham eggs again. I love it!
  18. KevinA

    Calabasas Cricket Co-Op

    I know there is at least 4 of us in the small town of Calabasas. I'm going to start ordering boxes of crickets, most likely 4 week old (they live longer and dont make noise for a few weeks) and was wondering if people wanted to split up the boxes of 1000+. I'd have them delivered to my place...
  19. KevinA

    Female Pnther "Cycle"

    Hi, I appreciate the help in advance! My concern- I bred one of my female panthers on 3/10/2008, she laid on 04/12/2008. She is currently showing receptive and is plump (might not be as plump as last time, but she laid 37+ eggs). I introduced my male to her (let him crawl on her enclosure and...
  20. KevinA

    Incubating media mosture level questions

    I have a clutch of panthers incubating currently in a tupperware container. My questions: How do you check the moisture level of the incubating media when there are eggs in the container? Do you go by humidity level? What are prefered humidity levels. I currently have them in a warm spot...
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