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  1. martinlemus

    i don't want to make the same mistake again

    i had a veiled chameleon and sadly he passed away last year and i believe it was lack of eating , so i want to know what i can do if that ever happenes again
  2. martinlemus

    I think my Cham is dead ..

    he is not moving at all , but he still changing colors ??
  3. martinlemus


    is this a good humidifier to buy ? or what do y'all use ?!
  4. martinlemus


    I saw this today on treeko , is it anyhing serious , ? or is it anything I should be worried about ?! please help
  5. martinlemus

    any good indoor plants ??

    so I had a " zebra plant " and it died off quickly :( , I think because of the lack of sunlight , and suggestions for plants that need minimum sunlight ?
  6. martinlemus

    is something wrong with Treeko the veiled Cham ?

    my ( about 4 month old ) veiled chameleon seems to love basking ! every morning I see him , when I turn on the light he goes straight up , and when I come back from school ( bout 8 hrs later ) he is still up there ?!?! should I be worried ?
  7. martinlemus


    where exactly should I place my thermometer and my humitidy reader??
  8. martinlemus

    SUPER worms

    hey ! my veiled Cham is around 4 months and I was wondering if it was a good idea too feed him superworms , and how many a day ? and should I feed them to him on a daily basis or ? pls answer
  9. martinlemus

    Drainage tray

    how does a drainage tray exactly work ? I'm thinking of buying one so my screen cage won't leak as much
  10. martinlemus

    how often should I shower my 3 month old veiled ?

    answer pls
  11. martinlemus

    new plant (:

    was me getting a " zebra plant " for my indoor habitat a good idea ?
  12. martinlemus

    are orchids good for Cham indoor habitats ?

    or any other live plants ?
  13. martinlemus

    How old is Treeko?

    I just took this pic of my veiled Cham ( treeko ) sleeping , I got him about a month ago but they never told me how old he was ??
  14. martinlemus

    Is this moss or something I should worry about ?!

    my chams poop has some sort of white hairs , should I be worried ?
  15. martinlemus


    is it a good idea to keep a dog and a veiled Cham in the same room as me ? ( my bedroom)
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