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    How old are you?

    I hit the half-century mark in a few weeks. :eek::rolleyes::D
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    Attacked by Chameleon gang

    :D Excellent nick! But is this why the feeders you sent attack anything that moves!? :p:D:D:D
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    Is it possible that i just have a mean chameleon?

    Maybe hang him upside down tied up by his back feet in the town plaza and let crowds of people taunt and beat him. :D Just Kidding, Just kidding, but it would be strangely ironic. Almost looks like you had him by them back feet in that one pic. ;)
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    What the....??

    Great healthy looking critter
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    Who has the most to say?

    I rarely post and usually nothing too informative. I like to lurk and read. BUT I NEED ANOTHER GREEN DOT THINGY.......;):D
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    Back from the dead....

    I am over near Columbine HS. Just a short distance away. ;)
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    Back from the dead....

    welcome back.... SW metro Denver area myself. ;)
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    Holy Cow! The most amazing cave you will ever see!!!

    awesome stuff, thanks! :D
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    What creepy crawley to get next???

    Mantis Place or KenTheBugGuy might both be good places to start your search. Ken is a site sponsor and has a listing of all sorts of "creepy crawly" critters. ;) Good Luck
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    Just my luck

    Snowy and cold forecast for where I live for all weekend! Sorry bummer for your trip!
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    World Peace

    Whirled Peas...........that would be a good thing!!! :rolleyes:;):D
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    Beelzebufo ampinga “armored devil toad.”

    Neat stuff. Thanks, that was one big toad.
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    domestid beetle? dangerous?

    hope this helps.... Domestic Beetles Class: Insecta Order: Coleoptera Mealworm Beetle, Tenebrio molitor (actual size 12-18 mm long) Several beetles are common pest of stored food products and often occur in houses, bakeries, grain stores and warehouses - anywhere that food is stored...
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    buying Butterworms?

    Nick Barta a member of this website oftens sells them here. Maybe send him a PM and see if he can help you. ;)
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    Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo

    Bump. I think we are going to try and attend. Depends alot on what happens with school and homework for the kids this week. If they aren't bogged down we will try and stop in. ;) Good Luck.
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    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire population of haiti. our donation has been sent in. ;)
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    Anybody watch avatar

    The family saw this in 3D and we all thought it was a good movie with a good message. The 3D did give me a slight headache after 2.5 hours in the glasses, but the visuals were wonderful. :)
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    My Werneri Horney

    Awesome horns and coloration. Thank heavens it wasn't "vent area" pics!!! ;):rolleyes::D
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    Bubble at Christmas!

    I have a good friend with a pair of gliders in Texas. They are smart and friendly creatures. After seeing how he devoted two rooms of his home to the pair, I only then realize why he talked about them like kids. They were waaaaaay spoiled! Yours sure is a cutie. ;):)
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    Happy Christmas everyone

    happy holidaze! :D:D:D
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