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    Baby Cap EstEst

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    Mistking issues possibly new timer?

    Hope someone can help just this last Saturday i went to the Sacramento reptile expo and picked up the starter mistking...only problem is i cant get it to work and have sent marty a pm as well as emails to the website but no response yet... When the unit is plugged in the timer display works...
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    Alien viv

    Test run Still in the build process slow progress but taking care of some side projects but another sneak peak the big plant will be changed out soon just waiting for the perfect plant lol as well as the fake plants onnthe outside will be replaced with live plants.
  5. Rorschach

    T.q.gracilior viv . Alien pod Biosphere

    Well a sneak peak so far. Updated pics as soon as im finished but heres a mock up example of what i did its a 3 foot fiberglass sphere that i drew and cut out with the plants in a 40 gal smart pot sitting inside a 8 inch deep shower pan thats 3ftx3ft more work to do but will upload...
  6. Rorschach

    Garden globe planters

    So i know its not chameleons.....yet. but i drew and cut these out still in the process but had a chance to repurpose some rejected parts from a fiberglass company and figured id get creative with them this is the first time ive ever done anything like this but i think its coming along more...
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    My Panther chameleon

    Weird colors todayweird thing is he is a red body blue bar and normally looks like thisthis pic was taken a few weeks back but hes just shy of 11 months old
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    Cb T.q. gracilior

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