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  1. jshaffer740

    Black Scab - Help - What is this?

    Hi everyone, A week or two ago I noticed this little black scab looking thing on Abe's elbow. I'm not 100% sure if this was here when he arrived (about three weeks ago) from the breeder or not. Anyway, I have been keeping an eye on it to see if it got worse, or better. I would say it has not...
  2. jshaffer740

    Are 4 T5HO bulbs overkill?

    Hi everyone, When I move Abe to his adult 2x2x4 enclosure, I will need to upgrade his lighting fixtures as well. I know I will be moving to T5HO lighting, as I have had great success with it with my planted aquariums, and I believe the plants in Abe's enclosure would love it as well. I'm...
  3. jshaffer740

    Yemen Weather Data - Blog Post

    Hi everyone, I just posted my first blog entry. It's for all of you veiled owners out there, curious on Yemen weather data. It's a work in progress, but I'd love for you to go check it out and let me know what I can improve on, and how this can be used. Thanks...
  4. jshaffer740

    Central Ohio Cham Owners

    Hey there, I was just hoping to get a list together of the folks in Central Ohio. I would like to get some sort of meet up or club established (if it doesn't already exist). I just hope there are enough of us! If you're in the area, respond to this thread so I can gauge the interest. Thanks!
  5. jshaffer740

    What city in Yemen?

    I am currently working on putting together a blog post that pulls together a lot of historical weather averages for the native region of C. calyptratus. Obviously not every single city in Yemen has historical weather data available. I was wondering if anyone on the forum would have thoughts...
  6. jshaffer740

    Abe's first time eating from my hand!

    Well, I've had my little guy Abe for 11 days now. I've been diligently and patiently building up trust with him, never rushing. This morning I decided I would try again with some hand feeding. I got a superworm out (because those are somewhat of a treat for him) and placed it in the palm of my...
  7. jshaffer740

    2x2x4 Necessary for Adult Male?

    I am currently in the process of planning for Abe's "Adult" enclosure. He is currently in an 18" x 18" x 36" enclosure. I've always read that 2' x 2' x 4' is the minimum size for adult male veileds, so that is what I was planning on making or purchasing. As I was doing so, I realized that the...
  8. jshaffer740

    Question: Hydration (Health Sheet Included)

    Chameleon Info: • Your Chameleon – Veiled, Male, approximately 4 months old. I have had him for a little over a week. • Handling – He was only handled once when transferring him to his new cage initially. Not since. • Feeding – So far only crickets (10-12 per day, each morning), superworms...
  9. jshaffer740

    Wellness Vet Visit - Always?

    Hi everyone, What is the current thinking related to wellness checkups. For a new chameleon, captive-breed, sourced from a reputable breeder, is a "wellness" visit within the first weeks of ownership recommended? I know the primary purpose would be to test for worms, I'm just not sure of the...
  10. jshaffer740

    Video of Drainage System

    If anyone is curious, I have uploaded a video of my drainage system. Is fairly simple. I took corrugated plastic for the base, drilled holes in the areas that the plants sit (they weight the floor down, creating a slope). I took clear plastic corner protectors (the kind you place on dry wall to...
  11. jshaffer740

    Male Juvie Veiled Settling in for Bed

    Here's a quick photo of my 4 month-old veiled, Abe. It seems that on cloudy days he likes to settle in for bed about an hour before lights out, which gives me a chance to snap a pic of him snoozing. (Side note: sorry for the graininess, he was in the shade so I was shooting at ISO 6400!)
  12. jshaffer740

    New Cham - Feedback on Care and Enclosure

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, and just received my little guy (Abe, a 4 month old veiled) from FL Chams. Anyway, I was hoping that you could provide some feedback on his enclosure. I've done a good amount of research, and I believe it is good set up, but it's always good to get...
  13. jshaffer740

    FL Chams - Contact?

    Hi Everyone, I am a long-time lurker, but first time poster. In any case, I recently placed an order for a new veiled from FL Chams. It is my first time ordering from Mike. I have tried to contact (email and phone) them, however I haven't had any luck with a response. I'm trying to get an...
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