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    Lump in Stomach (With Picture)

    I gave my veiled chameleon a hornworm that was way to huge like extremely huge. He did not choke on it but now there is this giant lump in his gut extruding from both sides (Picture Below)
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    Lump In Stomach

    I fed my 8mo old veiled (about 8 inches) a really huge hornworm. There is now a giant lump probably 1 x 1 x 1 in the abdomen area. Should I be orried he will ot pass this food item
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    Hornworm Food

    I had some kale in my fridge and an uneaten hornworm from my chameleons cage, can i feed the kale to my hornworm? If I do feed the kale to my hornworm will it become poisonous like it does when it eats tomatos? I dont have an hornworm chow.
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    how old is my chameleon anyone know

    if hes a male: 2-3 months If shes a female: 4-5 months
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    Are these feeders healthy?

    Not Necessary To Read: I took my chameleon to the vet and the vet said that my chameleon couldnt pass the exoskeleton properly and I shouldn't use crickets:(. I know crickets are a staple feeder, anyways getting to the point I found can o crickets and they had softened exo skeletons so I used...
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    Opinions on Gutloading

    Hey guys just looking for some input on the topic thanks! FROM WHAT I HAVE HEARD when you "gut load" a cricket, it is only effecting the stomach which is less than 2 percent of the cricket. How much does it really matter? If its only that little of an amount does it matter a all considering it...
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    Chameleon Success with ALL dead food (Good Read)!

    I went to the Vet yesterday and she said that "Your chameleon is as healthy as can be, you must be doing something right" I asked if he had any deficiency and she said not the slightest case of MBD or anything I can tell. His bones are completely straight and have a good high density. So I have...
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    Chameleon Success with ALL dead food (Good Read)!

    I know everyone on this site is going to frown upon me for doing this, but I have successfully have raised a Male Veiled Chameleon with all CANNED FOOD. He has grown to about 23 inches, has had NO parasites, does not have MBD, and also is very active and loves climbing around his cage. Everytime...
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