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  1. Arainey98

    Early signs of MBD, please read!

    Female panther Roughly 9 mo. Old From petco Temps range to basking 82, cage temp 76-80 Hum. In good ranges (I keep plastic on the sides of her cage to keep the mist inside I live Up north in dry climate in winter, I make sure to clean it well when cleaning to avoid bacteria as best I can, I...
  2. Arainey98

    Does daytime matter for UVB or heat?

    My panther specifically spends all of day time up in the front of her cage, and then come soon to bedtime she wanders to the back- wondering which (uvb or heat) should be placed in the front where she spends most days. Should she have UVB for vitamins during the day, and then heat for close to...
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