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    Fruit flies in reptibreeze cage?

    I have some of the Meloganster (spelling.) fruit flies. If I put them in my reptibreeze cage for my panther, will they escape? They look smaller than the openings but I am wondering if anyone has done this and knows for sure.
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    Drainage issue in cage. Suggestions wanted

    I have 2 potted plants in my screen cage 18 x 18 x 36 reptibreeze cage and am using my mistking to mist and rain every 2 hours for 30 seconds. I drilled 5 holes in the middle of the cage for drainage. The pots are now saturated with water so when I mist, I get a small pool of water around...
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    Can I overfeed? How many crickets or silkworms?

    I have a 4.5 month old panther that I just got. He is readily taking crickets and silkworms. Since I have more crickets than silks until the silkworm colony gets going, how many crickets a day should I let this guy have. He seems to eat all that he can find. Right now, he is eating...
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    Where do you buy your aluminum screen for feeder bins?

    I have some cropickets and want to house them in plastic bins with screen tops. Where do you buy cheap aluminum screens?
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    New Cham from Paradise Chameleons

    Here is my new Ambilobe Panther from Paradise Chameleons. I ordered him several months ago and today was the big arrival day. I had plenty of time to get the cage and environment set up and he seems to be doing well so far. He started drinking off the leaves right away And did a full shed...
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    Best way to tell if newborn panther is eating

    I have a newborn Panther who hatched a week ago. We have been feeding flightless fruit flies but really can't tell if he's eating any of them. We have seen him drinking but not eating yet. Any suggestions to determine if he's eating? We want to make sure he is ok... His color looks ok...
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    What ceramic light holder do you use for a ceramic heat lamp?

    I am buying a night time ceramic heat lamp for my Cham and am wondering what ceramic holders I can use for the light. There is one made for this type of bulb by Exo terra but it got mixed reviews. The bulb requires a ceramic socket. Thanks.
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    Mistking or aquazamp drainage/reservoir pictures?

    I am trying to set up my mistking reservoir and drainage system and would love to see how others have set this up including placement of pump and reservoir/drainage buckets.... Thanks for the ideas!
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    USA today - panther color changes

    Article on panther color changes.
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    Drainage pan and misting bucket under cage - examples?

    I am setting up a medium cage right now and just got my mistking system. I also want to have a drainage pan underneath the cage along with the mistking reservoir. How do people set this up with limited room? What are you using to collect drainage water. Any pics so I can get some ideas...
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    Setting up new habitat - a few questions

    I am getting a 3-4 month old panther male and setting up a 16 x 16 x 30 temporary cage for him. I will upgrade to 2x2x48 when he is older. And a bit bigger. I have a few questions: 1. I have a 50 watt daytime Exo terra blue heat lamp. How far above the cage should this be typically...
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    Lighting choice - reptisun 5.0 18" t8, reptisun 10.0 22" t5ho or LYR tropic blaze?

    I am getting a 4 month old panther and setting up a medium size (16" x 16" x 30") cage with hopes of moving to a large cage at 8 mos (2' x 2' x 48). I'd like to buy lighting just once and am trying to determine what to buy. I have had recommendations for: Reptisun 5.0 18" t8 Reptisun 10.0 22"...
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    What size mist king or aquazamp for newbie

    I have purchased a baby panther who will be 4 mos old when I get him. I am starting to think about a setup for him and would like to get an auto mister that will serve for his "baby" small cage setup and when he gets to be an adult. If I like chams, I could see us possibly getting another...
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    Amount of overspray?

    We are preparing a juvenile panther setup and trying to decide on placement and watering system. I was thinking of getting mist king with the rain dome. We also could go with aquazamp. We live in Colorado where it is very dry. How much overspray will we have to deal with. I was...
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