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  1. SourGrape4u

    Comment by 'SourGrape4u' in media 'Sneaky!'

    Love the black marks!
  2. SourGrape4u

    Price for baby jax jax

    75-125 is a good price point for jacksons
  3. SourGrape4u

    US WTB RBBB Panther

    WTB will always be want to buy in short text.... Not want to breed...
  4. SourGrape4u

    All of My Pets June 22, 2020

    That is one expensive food bill every month!
  5. SourGrape4u

    Hornworm Help!!!

    Mine was because he saw my female. But you can get yours to do it by showing him a mirror. Also 6 months is young he will get so many more colors the older he gets!
  6. SourGrape4u

    Greetings Friends

    kammerflage is one of the best and they are in California. Also many people on here are great breeders/sellers. Not sure if anyone has any ready for new homes right now though.
  7. SourGrape4u

    Hornworm Help!!!

    For reference look at my guys legs and all. He is about a year old.
  8. SourGrape4u

    Hornworm Help!!!

    It could have been the angle of the camera take some pictures tomorrow and post them, his legs just looked really skinny and his neck area.
  9. SourGrape4u

    June 2020 Photo Contest

    I put my money on the female panther! (Zena) Those colors are popping on her!!
  10. SourGrape4u

    Hornworm Help!!!

    I know this is unrelated but it looks like he lost a lot of weight compared to the pictures you have when you first got him. Seems very skinny how much are you feeding him?
  11. SourGrape4u

    Sooo silkworms eating...

    Not sure, probably enough to make them stay alive a few days without their main food source.
  12. SourGrape4u

    Sooo silkworms eating...

    I have another bag of chow mix, wanted to see if they would eat the greens. Also they will eat carrots.
  13. SourGrape4u

    Sooo silkworms eating...

    Collard greens.... I was fixing to clean out there bin and I thought I would throw some in that's what my son uses to feed his bearded dragon and lo and behold they actually eat it....
  14. SourGrape4u

    Outdoor PVC enclosure build

    Just wondering do you have 3 returns for your a/c? Two bottom and one top? Just looked odd...
  15. SourGrape4u

    Outdoor PVC enclosure build

    Looking good! I like how you did the doors
  16. SourGrape4u

    Ouch. :-(

    Is the microwave okay? Mwhaha jk!
  17. SourGrape4u

    Ouch. :-(

    Ewww no good!
  18. SourGrape4u

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Do you have AC in the house? If so put the fan where it pulls in from your room door. If no AC put it where it pulls the air out of the room. Right now your just blowing around hot air. Also if warm enough you dont need a heat lamp on.
  19. SourGrape4u

    Help with age.

    Yes superworms can be addicting and also they are not a good source of nutrition. You should start a roach colony. Those are one of the best feeders, and silkworms.
  20. SourGrape4u

    4th of July...

    Wow man lol
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