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  1. chamcrazy

    Do I buy blue or pink cham toys?

    How do you tell the difference between male and female pygmy chams? Anyone know? I have 2 veiled's and know about the spur on the male's feet, but what about pygmy's? Here is my new little guy, he's supposed to be a male. But how do I know for sure?
  2. chamcrazy

    My new friend...Sluggo. He's ADORABLE!

    Here's my new baby...Sluggo. (He reminds me of a little slug with legs.) I just got him this weekend. He is VERY friendly, contrary to popular belief. I was told pygmys "drop dead" if you try to hold them!! That couldn't be further from the truth. He actually prefers to craw on my hand as...
  3. chamcrazy

    Any Pygmy owners out there?

    I am the proud owner of 2 veiled chams. One male, one female and 81 fertile eggs. I saw my 1st pygmy cham yesterday and fell in love with it. I didn't buy it, but I can't stop thinking about him so I might have to go back and get him today.:o My question is how are their personalities...
  4. chamcrazy

    Help, my veiled won't open her rt. eye!

    I have a 1 year old female veiled. I've had her since she was only about 2 months old. Excellent health. Today I noticed she is keeping her right eye closed. She will slowly & barely open it for just a split second, but for the most part, it almost looks like it's painful to open it. I have...
  5. chamcrazy

    when to remove unfertile eggs?

    Hello. About a month ago my female veiled laid 65 eggs. Her & the male copulated approx. 3 weeks prior to that so I am hoping most of them are fertile. I have been told by several members that for her 1st clutch usually only about 1/2 are fertile. Is that true? It has now been a little over a...
  6. chamcrazy

    photo contest frustrations

    :confused:Ok, I would like to know what's going on. I have entered the photo contest 2 different times and both pictures have been taken down without any explanation. I have tried to contact admin with no reply. There is nothing wrong with my pictures that I can see. They are just normal...
  7. chamcrazy

    egg humidity help. pleeeeeeeeese?

    I have 65 eggs (hopefully all fertile) from my veiled. They are less than two weeks laid. I am trying to keep the humidity at a steady 75% (ish) As soon as I put the lid on the incubator tight, it goes up to 90%, but when I take it off, it goes down to about 69%. What is the best way to...
  8. chamcrazy

    Look what I woke up to! 65 eggs!!!

    Her 1st clutch and she layed 65 eggs??? Whew! Most look pretty healthy to me, but I am not an expert by any means. Most are bright white, a few with a dingy yellowish color but no dents. So do they look healthy to you? When will I be able tell if they are fertile by seeing veins when...
  9. chamcrazy

    Incubation or no fan?

    Hi! My veiled deposited all her eggs early this morning. I went out and bought a Hova-bator a couple of days ago. It has a fan in it. I read a couple of places not to use the fan on cham eggs. Is this true? I also want to make sure that I am NOT supposed to ever turn the eggs. Is that...
  10. chamcrazy

    female in distress?

    My very gravid female is 20 days out since copulation. She has been digging tunnels in her soil for 2-1/2 days now. (All day long except for night time.) I have kept a close eye one her and she has yet to lay them. (I give her plenty of seclusion and do not let her see me when I peek in.) Her...
  11. chamcrazy

    Am I a grandma or not?

    My very gravid female dug a complete tunnel today in her soil. She started about 1pm today and didn't quite until about 6pm. I went to the store and came home and found this laying on top of the is an egg? It's pretty slimey, but I don't want to squeeze or handle it for fear of...
  12. chamcrazy

    Eggs coming soil?

    My female veiled is gravid and should be depositing her fertile eggs in about a week or more. I have a lot of research on the incubation once she lays them. I went out and got a Hova-bator today. I am R-E-A-D-Y! I realized I haven't spent as much time on researching the best soil for her to...
  13. chamcrazy

    Indoor/Outdoor gravid veiled

    I have a female veiled getting ready to deposit her eggs in about a week and a half or two. (Her 1st clutch.) I live in the great Northwest where we get very little sunshine. The last few weeks it's been gorgeous outside, so I have built an outdoor tube cage (w/ a ficus tree inside) to allow...
  14. chamcrazy

    veiled egg incubation time frame?

    Hello. I have a gravid female that was bred with my beautiful male on July 6th. (First time.) They are both very healthy and active. I have searching the internet and books for a good solid answer to one question, but I keep getting a major conflict in the answers. I found this forum and now...
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