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    Picture source?

    Hello all, I am looking for the source of a specific picture to ask permission to use the photo as the basis of a design. I have tried to search google and here, and found no info. Any help would be great! I would like to use this as a design for an art project. If not ok that’s fine. I’ll use...
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    bad eggs

    Well, i have several questions about bad eggs. I had a large batch of veileds just hatch, and down to a handful left, 3 of which are yellow no veins. Id assume these are no good. I also have a couple that veins are present, but not as big a lump in the bottom. Id assume to wait and see upon...
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    kecleon almost 8.5 months and rose our 4 month ambanja

    Here are my panthers
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    ambanja male or female

    I see a slight blue tint on cheeks. But not enough to catch pics. I think this is a her, but wanted extra input. There is nothing on tail but just before the base. These are best pics i could get.
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    chameleon trade

    Topic over with?
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    interesting question about elevation

    I currently live in a subtropic low elevation area. I have been highly considering moving to a high elevation mountain area. What effect if any would the elevation change cause to my chams? Also considering they are usually inside i dont see the exterior conditions to effect them, but is it...
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    fresh shed update

    we had our wonderful young panther shed yet again today, at 7 and half ish months we are still lost as to locale. this shed didnt help clarify.
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    bruises are kinda gnarly

    my male veiled snuck out recent, and roughed himself up on the edges of the door to his enclosure. he sustained some gnarly bruising, but it has yet to disappear and i just want to make sure he is ok. he vibrates at me when i touch the bruises but otherwise he remains completely normal. if...
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    kecleon looking excited when free ranging and snacking

    Just like title says. Had him free ranging and put a bucket with some crickets and he get excited and went to town.
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    free range is growing

    We had started with a plant or two. Now its getting ridiculous.
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    going to be spending time in this section

    Well, after having our veiled chams about a year, we figured they should get a chance, and we should try. Our female layed the first mated batch of eggs the 13th. The incubator arrived today, immediately got them situated. I hope it doesnt ruin them. I didnt dig them up until time to place them...
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    kecleon's pajamas 6.5 months

    I really have no idea what way his color is headed. But heres the newest.
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    panther in progress (art)

    Started working on this guy yesterday. Still a ways to go.
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    help finding this item?

    so i was looking for chameleon rings for my future wife and came across this beauty. the only problem is i could find it only on a site called aliexpress. aliexpress as it turns out is a "scam" site. some people have reported getting their items, but rarely. it said it was about $80. just dont...
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    our panthers first time free range

    Our new panther felt very comfy on our little free range. We will be adding more soon.
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    cham art

    here is some cham art i have done
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    our big cham enclosures/setups

    We built several custom enclosures. Here are three of them. Two arent 100% complete. We in turn are also working on a free range setup. Nowhere near started though. The first two are 2x2x4. The last is 2x3x6.
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    my 5 month old panther a little excited

    Oh darn my phone for putting up the thread again. Im sorry guys. Please delete this post?
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    my 5 month old panther a little excited

    Just a little fired up. Nothing too intense.
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    5 month old panther

    Unknown locale.
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