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  1. Ace

    Screen Cages

    I have small screen cages for sale they are all around 16 x 16 x 20in they are all in fair condition. $10 each, im in the los angeles area (highland park/ near south pasadena), and pick up only :) I also have other glass tanks, and reptile cage accessories and even a feeder bin with random...
  2. Ace

    It's been awhile

    Hello old and new friends alike. Haven't been on here, t'ill recently "lurking" lol. Been busy as a freshman in college at UC Davis. My academic layout is basically a double major in Psychology(Biology Emphasis) & Entomology, with a minor in Computer Science. Most don't know, but...
  3. Ace

    9 screen cages available

    Los Angeles area PICK -UP ONLY, no shipping please all small cages are $20 each, medium sized cages are $30, the two large cages are $45 each. or take all 9 cages for $250 , i'll add the display branch ($5 by itself). all are used cages, most in good condition, a few ware and tear damage...
  4. Ace

    male Ambilobe

    Local pick up only (don't want to ship now) or meet me at a SBCK meeting Only $275 due to minor tongue issue since young, handfeeds great and still free range food in his cage(from Kammerflage Kreations sire "Roa-endrika aka Two-face", 2year old ambilobe male, ready to breed, does "head bob"...
  5. Ace

    College Woes

    Hey folks! Well some of you may or may not know i'm going to UC Davis in the fall, but I am having a dillema of living ON or OFF campus. ON Campus i will be more oriented to other people and i guess near where everything is at, most likely have a dorm roommate , but can ask for a single...
  6. Ace

    Giant Panchlora sp. roach colony

    Title says it all, Looking for the "Giant Green Banana Roaches" if anyone as any available, I'm interested in them. please do not mistake them for P.Nivea the smaller cousin green banana roaches. Pm me or email me at [email protected] thanks
  7. Ace

    Local Used Cages L.A area

    Reach me by PM or email [email protected], thanks I have 3 used cages for sale locally. Please don't ask me to ship Each have minor tears or holes that are pictured accordingly, I rather be honest of what i'm selling. However a bit of rescreening or even temporary tape should fix it nicely...
  8. Ace

    Display Branch w/ sturdy base

    Got this at the reptile super show in january, really dont need it now. pics of the display branch for sale. $20 obo Locals Only pm me thanks
  9. Ace

    Got Accepted

    I recently got accepted to UC DAVIS!!! :) It is the university i've wanted to go because after my undergraduate studies, i hope to enter their Veterinary Medicine Graduate school and become a Vet for exotics....which includes chameleons :D Just excited overall.
  10. Ace

    The Change

    Today before lights out Zulu fired up like never before, he truly changed into a different cham. Lost most of red but still awsome nonetheless. I heard chams change like this every so often, maybe he will go back to being red:rolleyes: here are some before and after pics. Hope you like them...
  11. Ace


    He is 10 months old, sire is superblue from Bruce at Chameleon Paradise a sponsor here on the forums. Avyx(noseybe) shows a wide range of white,lightblue to darker sky blue. He is not aggressive, hasnt tried to lunge or bite, may puff up but not much $270, local pick up here are recent...
  12. Ace

    In loving memory, Kirby

    Kirby my ambilobe female died yesterday in the morning at the vet's office. I knew she was having problems but never to this extent. She was dropping eggs, but didnt finish and had something in her right eye, probably an eye infection....but i feel i didn't do enough to care for her, i feel...
  13. Ace

    Dropping eggs

    Hi all, I still have my chams, and have been very busy as of late....and to my surprised state about 3 days ago i found two white eggs on the floor of my female's hit me that she is ready to lay, but was a shock because she had not shown size of digging or loss of appetite until that...
  14. Ace

    Panther chameleons

    I unfortanetly have to sell my chams. This is'nt easy for me to do this, so I do have the right to not sell to anyone for any reason. I do prefer people with experience with Panthers already. At this time only LOCAL PICK-UP. Don't ask me for shipping please. mail me at...
  15. Ace

    My trio-new pics

    Hey everyone, Just got some pics of my chams. First up is Avyx my nosybe, alot has changed, his red/oranges disappeared and has just recently shedded. here are some before and after pics AVYX LAST MONTH BEFORE SHED AFTER SHED got annoyed by the camera :P
  16. Ace

    Funny Vids i couldnt stop laughing from these :p post some funny. interesting vids:)
  17. Ace

    New Addition

    A few days ago i received a special sweet little girl:). She is very cute but i see a bit of moxy in her:p:rolleyes::cool: no name yet, but im open for suggestions, she gets really pink, with a purple lateral line and sometimes a bit red, though she doesnt like the camera already...
  18. Ace

    NosyBe & Ambilobe- New pics

    hey all, havent been here as much and thought to post up some recent pics from today....hope you enjoy them and tell me what ya think? First up is Avyx my nosey be, he continues to surprise me with all his different colors, he is sure different among his superblue brothers
  19. Ace

    Avyx/Zulu Pics

    just a update on the boys... nice weather and took some pics with some outdoor mist going on:D hope you enjoy the pics First up is Avyx my nosy be only 4.5 months next up is a few of Zulu, wasnt in the mood:rolleyes: outdoor enlcosures i use for them
  20. Ace

    Free used cage

    Its a custom used all screen cage -- 20in wide x 24in depth x 36in tall, comes with a wooden floor base, one side is water proof, still has functional hinges..... not gonna lie, it does have minor small holes and screen near edges are coming off a little on the front top, the back side, and...
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