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    Picture source?

    Hello all, I am looking for the source of a specific picture to ask permission to use the photo as the basis of a design. I have tried to search google and here, and found no info. Any help would be great! I would like to use this as a design for an art project. If not ok that’s fine. I’ll use...
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    bad eggs

    The cracks were what made me nervous, but ill wait it out. I have 90some eggs in the incubator with 2 more sets on the way
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    bad eggs

    I havent thrown any out. My biggest question is about egg shell condition i guess.
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    Chameleon status as pets

    My decision to try breeding was simply to experiment and learn. And to have a zillion chameleons since i dont want to have to pay for a zillion, let them take care of making more. I do hope to trade some to work with other types. As far as the home they go to, id like to think they all end up in...
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    bad eggs

    Well, i have several questions about bad eggs. I had a large batch of veileds just hatch, and down to a handful left, 3 of which are yellow no veins. Id assume these are no good. I also have a couple that veins are present, but not as big a lump in the bottom. Id assume to wait and see upon...
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    2015 Parsonii Hatchlings

    How awesome. Congrats. I hope to breed them one day.
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    Warsaw- The Ambanja

    Planning breeding? Or started? If started, any babies available?
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    2015 Chameleon Calendar Now Available

    Whos got the high white and red guy?
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    kecleon almost 8.5 months and rose our 4 month ambanja

    Here are my panthers
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    Black Crusty tip of crest on Male Veiled Cham

    mine has something similar. some of it is coming off but not fully yet. mine got his by scraping his crest and back by squeezing out a very tight fit door. his back is finally back to normal, but top of his head not yet. its just something to keep an eye on.
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    Double Rainbow is going back to cali (panthercompany)

    josh at panther company is a good dude. very cool of him to do that. its gonna be a great home for him.
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    Chameleon grabbing my face.

    all of mine will try to climb up my face. my panthers are semi gentle, my veileds however pinch like a sun of a gun. but i feel like when they do it they are putting a claim on my head like "oh see here, i can see it all, this is my human perch, righto"
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    Panther Cham. eating twigs?!?!?

    I have not seen mine eat branches but mine love eating leaves. Some say its due to hydration. Best of luck
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    Panther Camo

    I LOVE playing i spy chameleon. Best game ever.
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    Sweatin in Texas

    being from san antonio i know the weather. 90 is too much for them for extended periods of time. i would suggest getting them out for a few hours in the am, then back inside. the humidity should be fine outside, just on the hot side as even in the shade its still 90. if they are in the sun...
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    Nosy Valiha!

    how does one get ahold of imports a little more direct? there is a store here that gets them, but for an imported sambava they wanted 375. i think that might be a much more fair price for a cb one. in addition, they have a tamatave that is wc and they want almost 400 for him. i just think that...
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    ambanja male or female

    Awesome. Thanks guys. I trust the source for local. She is from blue kai blood line at panther company, i even checked with them. Someone local traded her to me. I just saw blue in cheek and really wanted a girl to pair with my male of unknown locale.
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    ambanja male or female

    Im 99.99% sure. Just want expert opinions.
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    Beth's new outdoor enclosure!!

    Looks nice
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    ambanja male or female

    I tried to get more pics.
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