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  1. ashleynagy

    Cork Background

    Has anyone had any experience with using cork as a background in their enclosure? I have just bought a 2x2x4 from LLL and am planning to cut a piece of plexiglass for the back wall ( to keep in a bit of humidity because of where I live it gets cold, and also to protect the wall from misting)...
  2. ashleynagy

    Vancouver area feeders

    Anyone have any places where they get a variety of feeder insects to bulk up my veilds diet?? I have called quite a few stores and I can only find places that have mealworms and cricket, and the occasional wax or super worm. With the way shipping costs are rising these days I think I need to...
  3. ashleynagy

    DIY cabinet home

    A month or so ago I bought an old bookshelf cabinet and turned it into a new home for AndyBernard. He was quickly growing out of his first home. It took a while to find the right size I was looking for, I wanted it to fit with our existing pieces in the living room. I got a large piece of...
  4. ashleynagy

    Foam wall clear coat??

    I am turning an old display cabinet into a home for my veiled. I have bought some Styrofoam sheeting to make a rock wall/ 3d background which will extend out on the sides to the side of the cage as well. I am also going to be using some of the "Great Stuff". I am planning on using a dermal...
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