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  1. MWheelock

    Head burnt?

    Looks like a thermal burn to me. Did you change a bulb recently or move the basking area? It does look like a thermal burn. I had a panther that got burned after changing to another mercury vapor bulb. First 3 were no problem, but the 4th had an issue . . . (one of the reasons I'm not so...
  2. MWheelock

    Took my Chameleon to the vet today.

    Just a quick note. There are a lot of Panthers and veileds that don't do well with plastic plants or plants with hard branches(like hibiscus). They consistently rub their eyes on a branch causing recurrent infection. Surprisingly one eye is usually worse because the like the rest of us are...
  3. MWheelock

    I want to know what this is

    Temporal gland infection or abscess I agree this most likely a temporal gland infection or abscess. Usually the ones I see are due to an insect leg poking the mouth when the Cham bites down or possibly a defensive bite from the insect. The poke injects bacteria causing...
  4. MWheelock

    Supplementation/MBD 1

    Thanks No problem. Glad it was helpful.
  5. MWheelock

    Supplementation/MBD 1

    Lighting I don't know what brand you bought in Canada. Usually long fluoro UVB tubes and mercury vapor are full spectrum that have both UVA and UVB in them. I like the Reptisun 5-0 for veiled. (I wouldn't go higher than a 10-0) Hope that helps
  6. MWheelock

    Need Suggestions for Post-Surgery Enclosure

    Lighting concerns I like the idea of the cage on the side wit towels on the bottom. With limiting the height, you have to be careful the lights/ Heat are not too hot (as she will not be able to get away as readily). Make sure there is an area she can get away from it. Good luck
  7. MWheelock

    First shed experience

    Shedding It is fun to see a juvi shed. They seem a little bit cloudy, but then almost explode out of their shed. The problem of a poor shed can happen if they are too dry or too wet. The thing that people forget in tropical environments is there is high humidity, but they do dry out between...
  8. MWheelock

    Supplementation/MBD 1

    Calcium Hey, Briefly took a look at the article you cited. Enough calcium in the gut load is not necessarily the issue. The issue is whether the calcium the chameleon is getting is absorbed. If your cham is getting the right amount of UV light and a good diet, it does not need...
  9. MWheelock

    How to treat an egg bound Panther Chameleon?

    Unfortunately, it is always hard to determine when intervention is necessary. I'm not sure I'm all that excited that she's just laying on the bottom of the cage. I do like that she is still eating and drinking. It is possible that a calcium injection +/-oxytocin might be required. It does...
  10. MWheelock

    Taking Jackson to vet Friday - need some advice

    I wouldn't be too worried if a urate is missing, especially if he is eating and drink inking well. Stool looks a little loose though, so I might doing a fecal +/- deworming. Should be fine until you can get him in later this week.
  11. MWheelock

    Turns dark after eating.

    If you look back, I wrote a big write up in 2008 about this. The heading is Supplementation/MBD1 I think there was a 3 parts to it,the main part was#2. You'll have to have someone else tell you how to find the file. Matthew
  12. MWheelock

    Gargoyle Gecko Question

    I keep real plants in a glass terrarium with 3-4" soil ( 1/3 organic soil, 1/3 moss, 1/3 coconut fiber) . I water really well 2 times a week and turn the soil so that it is moist be not wet. I mist daily - sometimes twice a day. If you do thisyouwillalso create bio active soil so you won't...
  13. MWheelock

    Reptibreeze 18x18x36

    I've gotten burned too many times. I'd wait to get the cage before you do your final cuts. I'd measure and extra inch on all pieces so your ready to construct whe the cage comes
  14. MWheelock

    serious issue(s) with panther please help

    Have you changed the lighting or perches recently? I'm a little worried about thermal burns.
  15. MWheelock

    serious issue(s) with panther please help

    Pictures have not shown up Tell me about your lighting/ heat bulbs
  16. MWheelock

    Eva's toe nail

    Toe nail I can't tell from the picture. Is the nail bent,or is it split. It probably should be cut (by someone who knows what they are doing)at the base to allow it to grow back in if it is split. I worry with splits that this is an easy access for infection and abcessations At the very...
  17. MWheelock

    Supplementation/MBD 1

    Clarification There should be a comma between the two. WER was a cricket dry food mix- I'm not sure if it is on the market anymore. Zoo-Med dry cricket food is fine
  18. MWheelock

    Supplementation/MBD 1

    I think you misread, I said to limit spinach, BUT to use the others. (mustard, turnip, romaine are not considered dark greens...) I did mispeak though on why not the dark greens like spinach. This is due to the high oxalate content. Varied diet is indeed the best, though items like...
  19. MWheelock

    Your Oldest Chameleon?

    Manga (ambanja) turned 5 in March. Going strong.
  20. MWheelock

    my panther ingested perlite!!

    For the most part, there is nothing that you are going to do. (We are not going to get the cham to vomit, and we wouldn't do surgery...) Since it is not really a toxic component, we just wait for it to pass. Yes, you want to make sure he is eating and getting well hydrated. These little ones...
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