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  1. Pope Son Of Basho

    Pope Son Of Basho

    This is Pope son of Basho. Both he and his father are amongst the best Veiled Chameleons I have ever seen.
  2. Rainbowchams

    Full Body Shed

    Casanova drank water from a dish for about 20 minutes last night. First thing this morning at lights on I saw a white chameleon in my cage. Grabbed the camera and took a snap shot. Came home and he looks like a new Cham.
  3. Rainbowchams

    hawaii people

    Hello, I was raised in Kahuku on Oahu and had a bunch of jacksons indoor and outdoor over time. What I would do is make a variety of "attractants" to entice the native species of bugs. I would put lets say a fruit fly culture (mixed rotting fruit) into a 5 gallon bucket and would just snap the...
  4. Sleepy Head

    Sleepy Head

    My male getting ready for bed.
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