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  1. haleybobl


    We have a good friend that was going to pay a ton to have her daughters senior pictures done. She loves old cars and was trying to think of props she could use. Well, it just so happens we have some. :D So, she hired a photographer and we just used my house since we have the area, and...
  2. haleybobl


    Looking to buy hornworm smalls in cups from anywhere that will be cheaper for shipping than the actual cups. Seems everywhere I can find them right now has the same price or higher for shipping than the actual product.
  3. haleybobl


    Ok, this is silly, but I need opinions. This shirt is only on for about an hour. Is the "human" skull a Cyclops or just a sideways skull. I am in a discussion, so I will not give my opinion. Here is the link of the shirt and if you click on it the image will enlarge so you can see it...
  4. haleybobl

    Northwest Captive Breeders Expo

    Who's going? I am sure gonna try and make it over for this. Anyone in the area aware of lodging places? Thanks! :)
  5. haleybobl

    Updated pictures-Ch. Cristatus

    Here are some updated pictures of my Ch. Cristatus. I have absolutely fell in love with this species. :) Figured it was time to get some updated pictures of them. However I am not exactly a photographer. Even though my pictures are not great, they are still gorgeous creatures. First is the...
  6. haleybobl

    Beaker Morris

    So I got totally suckered in to a kitten on Sunday. He is a 12 week old orange tabby. Looks like he may be turning out to be a medium hair. We have a friend that fosters them for the local shelter and she stopped by and just "happened to have a carrier full of kittens", lol. She knows I have...
  7. haleybobl

    Too Funny

    The local radio station here is currently running "America's Next Top Mustache" contest. One of my buddies entered his dad in this contest without him knowing of course. I think this is too funny. He is known as the "White Ranger", and could use some votes if you have a second! Can't wait to...
  8. haleybobl

    Updated ambilobe male pics from cainschams

    Here are just a couple quick shots I took today since the male has grown so much. :)
  9. haleybobl

    WTB Ch. Cristatus

    Looking for anyone breeding Ch. Cristatus. I would love to have a CH, but may concider a long term captive WC. PM's or emails would be appreciated. Thank you. :)
  10. haleybobl

    Best Fake Plants/Vines

    Wondering if anyone has any fake vine type plants to hang around the cage for more foliage that don't look REALLY cheesy. I have seen a few, but not any that I have really liked yet. Links to what you have found that maybe looks a bit more realistic would be great. Thanks! :)
  11. haleybobl

    Grow Lights

    Ok, so everyone is aware that you need to change your UVB bulb every 6 months, but is there a limit on Grow light bulbs too? I have never been a plant person, so I don't have a clue if you need to change them out as often as well. :confused:
  12. haleybobl


    So I have been looking at buying a couple new books. Figured someone might have a used one they would want to sell, so I thought I would check out that option first before sending in an order. Looking for "The Panther Chameleon", but may be interested in others if you have them. PM me if you...
  13. haleybobl

    Camera phones suck

    Tried to take pictures of the new kids on the block today, but during the move, my camera got lost. It's in a box somewhere. With the phone, this is the best that will do.
  14. haleybobl

    Growing Hibiscus

    Has anyone tried to grow Hibiscus from seeds? I am asking because the only plants in my area are a fortune right now. I know they are more sensitive than some, but I was wondering with grow lights and warm temperatures if it would be possible. Obviously starting from seeds is much cheaper...
  15. haleybobl


    I have never purchased one of these. Can someone tell me a bit more about them, like what they are made out of and how thick they are? Thanks!
  16. haleybobl

    Little Dripper?

    Does lllreptile not carry the little dripper? I noticed they have others, but not the one I was looking for.
  17. haleybobl


    So I am going to be purchasing some more vines soon. However I am debating on "how long" I need to buy. They are never cheap, so I don't want to buy any more than I have to, but I want it to be sufficient for a 24x24x48. Just looking for opinions. I know I will end up over ordering anyway...
  18. haleybobl

    Anyone have this one?

    I was looking at lllreptiles of course and saw this was on sale: Wondering if anyone has it? How does it open, what is the screen made out of, and what are the "poles" made out of? Looks much cheaper than the other one I...
  19. haleybobl


    Just because someone requested a picture of my Sun Conure, I figured I would share it with everyone. Here is one of my parrots, "Tiki". :)
  20. haleybobl

    Informational Books?

    So I have never been a fan of any published books for pets really. Usually most of them have a ton of bad advice mixed in with a bit of good. I generally use forums, and mixed research for advice. I was wondering though, if there are any really good books out there published for chams? I...
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