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  1. xoiceox

    Sobe Update :)

    My lil stud muffin <3 His face is redish bc he ate a strawberry lol
  2. xoiceox

    Wild Grasshoppers?

    Hey guys! I was in Hawthorne Fl, this weekend and caught about 10 wild grasshoppers. Some are bright green and some are brown and look like wood... DO you know if these are safe to feed to a veiled chameleon?
  3. xoiceox

    Hey Guys! Update on SoBe

    So it's been a long while since I show u guys my handsome man! He'll be 2 yrs old on Christmas and he's doing great!!
  4. xoiceox

    Sobe 11 months!

    He's gotten big and very fiesty! Hehe Hi guys, long time no see!!!
  5. xoiceox

    Disection after Death :(

    As most of u know I rescued a cham on Tuesday.. I tried my best to keep her going but unfortunately she died tonight... I took her to the vet this morning and she got ringers, which is basically a hydration boost into her sub epidermal layer... The vet told me that if she didn't make it...
  6. xoiceox

    Male or Female. Flap-Neck or Senegal!?

    Please Help! So it's between Graceful, Senegal, and Flap-Neck! aah!?
  7. xoiceox

    Emergency 911 DEHYDRATION!!!

    So I went to a local pet store today and found what they told me to be a baby flap neck completely dehydrated, he or she is about 3 months old... I cried and told the owner that if he didnt let me take him there would be serious problems... So I left the store with the baby cham and some extra...
  8. xoiceox

    Sobe's New Home :)

    Sooo my poor Ficus died and thanx to Justin's request I got a Scheffelera and he looooves it!!!
  9. xoiceox

    Sobe Update! 8 months!!!

    Hey guys!! I hope everyone is doing great! Sobe has grown sooo much and is such a big healthy boy! Here he is at 8 months old ;) XoXo he gets angry easily big butt I love this shot! He loves his momma :) beautiful <3
  10. xoiceox

    Sobe 7 Months!

    Kung-Fu Chameleon!!!
  11. xoiceox

    SoBe 6 months! Update :)

    Hey guys, I've been really busy with school lately so I havent had much time to chat it up on here... SoBe is doing great and he just shed this week again!!! 6 months old now :)
  12. xoiceox

    SoBe 5 months <3 Video too!!!

    SoBe on his 5 month Birthday <3 How's he looking??? Hahaha I love when they think u can't see them soo cute! Here are a couple video's
  13. xoiceox

    Soon to be baby flapnecks!!!

    So last week I went into the pet store that I used to work at. I always go in to check on the herps b/c they arent always properly taken care of (so I raise hell if they're not, or just fix it myself) Well they just got in 2 jacksons and 2 flapnecks... I noticed the female flap looked a lil...
  14. xoiceox

    Is my baby's eye ok ? *sniff*

  15. xoiceox

    SoBe's new "Big Boy" cage :)

    What you think?
  16. xoiceox

    Pothos new soil

    I need to put organic soil in my pothos... Can I just add a layer on top to cover the foam balls???
  17. xoiceox

    Florida heat...Too much?

    Hey guys, I live in Miami Florida and the temps now in the summer are btw 80-high 90's... I just got Sobe's 2x2x4ft aluminum cage and I'm seeing on here that if I can keep him outside it's better... Would these temps be too high??? I don't know anything about outside keeping. Do I...
  18. xoiceox

    Mouth slightly open

    So today when Sobe was outside he stood at the top and opened his mouth for a few seconds and just breathed... Tonight I went to look at him and he was under the basking light with his mouth open again. Not huge but a lil open. Is this okay?
  19. xoiceox

    He's too cute

    I know I post lots of pix, sry... But I love my CAMERA and my CHAMELEON too much hehe Enjoy!! He started off dark and grumpy Running away from Mommy cuz he's a punk! Starting to brighten up a bit as he explores! (u can see the strawberry stains on his mouth lol)...
  20. xoiceox

    You're sure to like these!

    Sobe loving the strawberries that he takes from me while almost biting off my finger! lol And everyone has tail shots so I thought I'd try it!
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