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  1. marxous

    WANTED! Chameleon in Canada

    If you're selling or looking for a home for a chameleon, and are located in Canada, I have tons of experience with chameleons and am looking for one. I would prefer to give a good home for a Chameleon who already has an owner that cant properly look after theirs, rather than buy from a pet store...
  2. marxous

    Is my cham gravid? What do i do?

    According to the research that i have done, there is supposed to be a temperature drop as one would experiance naturally in the rainforest. This is roughly 10 degrees. From those i have already asked on this site, i have been informed that turning a heat lamp off while in a moderate climate is a...
  3. marxous

    Is my cham gravid? What do i do?

    i feel like im being critisized and sterotyped as someone who is ignorant, and allows their cham to roam around free throughout my entire house. This is not the case, and i never said that i do this. i posed a few very specific questions looking for specific answers. I have done my research...
  4. marxous

    Is my cham gravid? What do i do?

    yes, i do all of those things, however i find that when i give her more space, she exercises, and uses all 3 house trees. I have a exo terra 260gal mesh 8.0 uv strip and basking lamp. My question is, whenever i leave her in a house plant, she always seems to end up climbing down to the floor...
  5. marxous

    Is my cham gravid? What do i do?

    one other thing that you may notice in these photos is the minor burn on her back. I had left her with my mom for a week because somthing urgent came up with work, and there was a possibility that i would not be able to look after Antonia for a week, this is when she was burnt... so i really...
  6. marxous

    Is my cham gravid? What do i do?

    a picture of the house plants she likes... above is where i found her accross the room on the couch, also i have been finding her pacing that large window to the right.?! Are the above colors gravid colors? Thanks again all for your help!
  7. marxous

    Is my cham gravid? What do i do?

    Hey guys, just wondering if my cham is gravid... she's been showing some darker colors, and i've been letting her stay in house trees that we have, and when i come back shes been pacing around the windows, or i've been finding her in odd places. See the photos attached and please tell me what...
  8. Antonia's Hunt

    Antonia's Hunt

    Antonia set loose!
  9. marxous

    favorite: Panther vs Veiled

    It appears to me that the hypermelanistic chams are missing pigment in certain areas of skin that do not allow them to change colors, or remain only dark shades such as brown. Is this this case? If so then it would seem this is another genetic defect. Kinda neat, but if a defect, i would not...
  10. marxous

    favorite: Panther vs Veiled

    Is that juvanile pic one of him when he was younger??? also, what exactly is a hypermelanistic cham? Im going to take a look around on the forum after this, but they sound interesting! Now i want a male :P. I know reccommendations are that one should never kep chams together, but is a 260...
  11. marxous

    favorite: Panther vs Veiled

    What the Spice! ( I mis read the last 2 posts and thought they were the same... Thanks Will for the sweet photo ) And WOW! A black Chameleon!? Those are gravid colors eh? after i first got Antonia and let her climb around for a few minutes in the car, she turned as dark as the upolstry, but...
  12. marxous

    favorite: Panther vs Veiled

    i missed the point =P, if a male can do what for a split second?! And i've never seen blue on my female, could this be because i bought her from an average pet store, and yours is a premium specimen, or do those colors develop more over time? mine is roughly 2.5 mos old. New pics are in my...
  13. marxous

    favorite: Panther vs Veiled

    what about females? I have a female veiled, and i know that they are more bland, but i would love to see some photos of sexy adult female veilds!
  14. marxous


    for what its worth, my beardies really like mustard greens! i havent tried this out with my veild yet though.
  15. marxous

    broken ribs?

    Update! Ok so i got Antonia back from the pet store about a week and a half ago, because they offered to look after Antonia because of her fragile condition after i bought her, and they nursed her back to health on liquid calcium, and a vareity of insects! While you can still see little bumps...
  16. marxous

    suspected broken arm/maybe nerve damage?

    Hey Mike, my cham when it was very young had a similar issue regarding weak bone structure - some of her ribs were damaged, they seemed to be broken, only not completly, just twisted so tehy wouldnt expand normally. While they were not broken, this is how they apeared. When she was brought into...
  17. Antonia!


    Baskin in the heat!
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