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  1. chameleoman

    Cheap huge sell off

    Hey everyone due to my female killing my male panther I'm giving up and selling my small collection, Local pick up only. My name is Joseph here's my number (323)767-3840 Don't waste my time only call if your seriously interested. Here's the list of what i got and the prices text me for picks if...
  2. chameleoman

    PICS of Chief

    Sorry for the crappy quality.
  3. chameleoman

    Giant Day Gecko Help

    Sorry guys didn't know where else to post this but my giant day gecko had had black lips for a while. Only the tip and looks a little raw and looks like skin is missing i couldn't get any better pics. I thought this was snout rub, But does anyone have any advice or can anyone diagnose this guy...
  4. chameleoman

    Rack Cage size/ NEED a 2x2x4?

    I plant on getting more panthers within the next coming months but want a nice rack system. I plan to have drainage, mist king, and heavily planted cages. My question is Do the adult breeding chams REALLY need the 2x2x4 cages or are these 36x18x18 a good enough size for breeders? I can put...
  5. chameleoman

    Bamboo safe?

    Is this bamboo safe? Have tons of them in my yard.
  6. chameleoman

    Meet Cortana!

    Hahahaha yes i bought another one!!!! She is a female ambilobe from paradise chameleons. Her sire is 24k and she is 2.75 months old!!!!!! I hope Bruce doesn't mind me posting a pic of the sire I just want all you to feel really jealous! :p This is a female from the last clutch of 24k also.
  7. chameleoman

    Fish light leds bothering?

    Will my fish tank light bother my chams? There LEDs and the cages are kinda next to it.
  8. chameleoman

    Pesticide in room

    Ok i just had ants infest my nosy bes cage and killed them all with Windex after i took him out. I'm moving his cage here but the ants came in from a window in my room. I sprayed ant killer from their point of entry but my room smells like the pesticide its guaranteed to keep them away for a...
  9. chameleoman

    Guess Whats Coming!!!!!!

    Can you guys guess what type of cham I will be going to pick up at my local FedEx center on Wednesday?!?!? I'm so excited! :D
  10. chameleoman

    What mantis is this?

    Found this guy at work today while i was looking for grasshoppers, Usually grasshoppers are everywhere but only this one mantis and tons of butterflies today. Anyone know what kind it is? I was guessing Chinese?
  11. chameleoman

    Carpet Cham housing

    Hey everyone have a quick question for the carpet chameleon experts out there, can carpets be kept in a glass tank because i have a exo terra 18x18x24 laying around and I've been wanting a carpet too.
  12. chameleoman

    Pastel Het Pied Female STUNNER Ball Python

    Heres my other add Considering trades for panthers!!!
  13. chameleoman

    Spider Ball python

    Heres my add
  14. chameleoman

    Meet Atlas-Nosy Be

    Ive had him for a while but never showed you guys any pics of him he was born on 5-13-13. Here is atlas his sire is Neptune from creature chameleons and the dames sire is Blue dream from chameleon paradise and Neptune is Sinatra's son from kammers. He was purchased from the forums very own...
  15. chameleoman

    Poisonous Caterpillars?

    Are these guys poisonous? Theres Millions at my job and they seem to only eat one kind of weed that grows which is called passion vine. I think i found out there name which is Orange & purple spiked caterpillar (AKA Gulf Fritillary) - Agraulis vanillae
  16. chameleoman

    Dead Pygmy babies

    Hey everyone, sucks, i had all 4 pygmy eggs incubating at 70 days and all eggs shrank at different days and one suffocated in the egg and the other ones shrank and dented in and stood like that for days i got worried and cut one open and the baby was dead i just cut the other two because they...
  17. chameleoman

    Pygmys hatching?

    Hey everyone I'm not sure if my pygmy's are hatching so i thought id ask you guys. All 4 eggs have been doing great and are nice and white. They were all laid on march 26th i checked them today and one shrank a lot compared to the other ones and has a slight dent in it. Is this a sign of...
  18. chameleoman

    CB Baby Bearded Chameleons

    Hey everyone my eggs are do to hatch any day now and i would like to have homes for them when they get about a few weeks old and would like to sell them fast, So I'm taking reservations for them SERIOUS buyers ONLY don't message me and say something stupid like "oh i might get one". FIRST COME...
  19. chameleoman

    Need help, pest killing

    Hey everyone me and my dad are going to make a reptile room in my tree house and there are a lot of annoying ants and spiders. Is there anyway to kill them and have it safe for my reptiles? I don't want to spray some pesticide and put my reptiles up there only to have them killed. -Thanks!
  20. chameleoman

    Baby Parsons for sale

    Not sure if its legit but on fauna they'res someone selling baby parsons for $1,250.00
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