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  1. xraygirl

    Papilloma Virus

    Chief is still progressing along, slowing down a little bit. His eyes started to bother him, almost like they were drying out on him and he started to act like he was blind about 2 months ago. I hand feed and hand water him a lot. If anyone is wondering, I picked him up from a repticon show as a...
  2. xraygirl

    Vet recommendations

    I live in South Carolina. The only "reptile" vet near me that EVERYONE raved about is the guy I originally took Chief to when these little spots started to appear all over him. He looked at him for 10 seconds, criticized my husbandry, and said it was fungus and gave me silver cream then charged...
  3. xraygirl

    Happy 1 year rehoming day, Flash!!

    I'm 2 days late, but we were visiting with family in Florida. We are back in South Carolina and I can finally post! Happy 1 year rehoming day, to my sweet blue boy, FLASH. Who has really gone through transformations in color and personality. I've rattled on about his story before, but (long...
  4. xraygirl

    Happy coming home day to Chief!

    I'm a bit late... Lots of stuff goin' on around here. School is keeping me busy 24/7, I had to have an emergency appendectomy in mid October... Family is stressing me out about the holidays.... Oh no! I forgot to post about Chief's coming home anniversary!! He came home with me on November 3...
  5. xraygirl

    Keep my little Chief in your thoughts

    He goes tomorrow at noon to remove the suspected pox/papilloma growths. I'm pretty worried about him because he has slowed down in the last few weeks. Not sure if it's the weather changing or what. But I'm worried sick over this procedure because I've never had a animal this small go under for...
  6. xraygirl

    Chief & Flash

    After a vet told me it was fungus, upon further research it may be that Chief has pox/papilloma..... A vet is coming out to check him out and advise me where the best place is to go... Possibly U of Georgia. I hate that this could be whats going on with him, because he's my first...
  7. xraygirl

    Lost chameleon found in Lake county, Florida

    Someone just tagged me in this on Facebook....
  8. xraygirl

    Flash..... (and Chief)

    Here is Flash, 5 months into my care.... The video is from march, but I seriously cannot resist his chubby belly. He is such a big boy! First picture is from December, the sleepy picture is from last night. I don't like to get him...
  9. xraygirl

    I've been accepted!!!!!!

    I know I don't post a bunch here, but I really wanted to share the news that I've FINALLY been accepted into a radiology program! I applied last year and was denied by just a hair..... Applied again this year and got in ONLY because a student took too long to decide.... SHEWWWWW-WEEEEE! I...
  10. xraygirl

    Update on my handsome blue boy

    So I've had Flash for almost 2 months now. He went through a hard core full body shed and boy his blues are so incredibly rich! The yellow on his lip faded some, the stuck shed on his arm came off, and his reds softened a little bit with a little more green visible... He's turning out to be...
  11. xraygirl

    My second addition!

    I wanted to introduce my new handsome boy! I've had Chief for a year now (I know, I'm no expert, but I really took my time getting to know Chief before pursing another chameleon) I found this little dude on a craigslist ad in Florida. We were going to be an hour and a half away from him when we...
  12. xraygirl

    sticky tongue farms?

    With everyones suggestion, I placed an order with them on 11/29 for all three supplements (in the smaller containers). It was like a $40 something total order. I read that they ask for 7-14 business days for processing and to ship the stuff out (it's actually cut off on my computer, but I...
  13. xraygirl

    Chief's year with me

    It's a couple days early, but I brought this little dude home on November 3, 2013.... Look at how he has changed!! :)
  14. xraygirl

    Who's the boss?

    Was giving Chief a shower session to help with some remaining shed left. He wasn't too thrilled with me when I ended his shower session earlier than he wanted to! This was getting out of the shower, and showing me who's the boss.... ..... and then the little pouty face I get when he has...
  15. xraygirl

    Orchid pictures

    Here some pictures of this summers blooms.... I have a couple others that are nubbing with spikes, so soon more are on the way! First up, is my Dendrobium Enoble ‘purple splash’ Next up is my Vanda Chulita. She is a stubborn bloomer! If she starts to spike I CANNOT move her. The unique...
  16. xraygirl

    Mistking mister conversion?

    Hey guys! So Chief HATES the (MistKing) mister, he hauls butt away from it. But when I have him outside he enjoys the 'rain' I make for my orchid rack that he loves to play on. I've also noticed him liking his little dripper (don't use it cause the dang thing leaks). I see MistKing makes a...
  17. xraygirl

    Chief & the orchids

    Took Chief outside for some sun and he climbed to my shoulder. Hung out there for a bit (while I was watering the orchids) and I guess he decided sitting on my hand and spray nozzle was a better spot! He enjoys climbing all over my vanda's.
  18. xraygirl

    Fun in the sun!

    Took Chief outside yesterday for some fun in his favorite tree in the yard, and I got to play around with my canon and new 50mm lens :)
  19. xraygirl

    Dubias and parasites?

    I keep up with some bearded dragon forums and some folks on there were talking about how their dragons were healthy until they fed dubia roaches. I know a risk of parasites run in many feeders, but has anyone in the chameleon world noticed this? Is there a way to test a few roaches to see if...
  20. xraygirl

    Show your jammies!

    C'mon, I wanna see em. Awake & sleepy colors :)
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