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  1. Decadancin

    LED for plants... Convince me!!!

    Damn, forgot to put my final choices down for this thread. I will soon...
  2. Decadancin

    Passing of a Giant (Warning- Pictures)

    Rest in Paradise Atlas. 💚 Sorry for your loss OCK...
  3. Decadancin

    March 2020 Photo Contest

    I think we have the next medal to be awarded... For the one who displays the least 💩 :LOL:
  4. Decadancin

    Hello! Is this a female?

    Looks female to me...
  5. Decadancin

    Fun in the Sun!

    And Zaphod...
  6. Decadancin

    Fun in the Sun!

    Saw this too late to get pics from today, but here is Raistlin (not from today...) enjoying some outside time...
  7. Decadancin

    Newbie arriving from Quarantine

    Welcome! I miss my cockatiel Charlie Bird. He lived over 20 years. Little grumpy but :LOL:. He was a cinnamon Lutino mix.
  8. Decadancin

    Soon we will have to hunt for our food. I don’t even know where Doritos live...

    Soon we will have to hunt for our food. I don’t even know where Doritos live...
  9. Decadancin

    Disappointing behaviour...

    So, no unfortunately it isn’t just in Petr’s threads. Yes, his style is at times arrogant and can come across as all-knowing. Part of this is likely due to language, but I am not making an excuse. It is healthy to question those who make claims and offer new explanations or theories. It is not...
  10. Decadancin

    What does r/chameleons have against the chameleon forums?

    Sounds like I'm not deleting enough stuff...
  11. Decadancin


  12. Decadancin

    Codas Upgrade!

    I can’t get grass to grow on my lawn and you want me to be able to do it in an enclosure???
  13. Decadancin

    Reserved: Covid19 Thread

    If needed this thread will open as an information sharing spot for those who are having difficulties getting chameleon supplies/feeders, etc. Please send me a PM if you are experiencing issues and I can open the discussion.
  14. Decadancin

    Finished Product...

    Nice! You will have spring eventually ;)...
  15. Decadancin

    Codas Upgrade!

    Ah yes, bio-active...
  16. Decadancin

    Codas Upgrade!

    Cool! If you do some sort of opening from the bottom drawer to the inner drawer you could have all your misting buckets and stuff contained. Plus, the top already has a way to hide the lights! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!! :)
  17. Decadancin

    Is this normal Cham behavior? Is he sick?

    So first off, Welcome to the Forums!!! :) Glad you are here to learn about these amazing critters! Here is a great starting point in veiled chameleon care... Your boy may need some time to adjust to his new surroundings and could...
  18. Decadancin

    Plants Alive! Challenge

    I'll attach a plant list soon...
  19. Decadancin

    Comment by 'Decadancin' in 'The Current StAte'

    I was able to, not sure...
  20. Decadancin

    Where did the name come from???

    Seeing Nuno play live the first time was the very day I stopped thinking I could play guitar. The sound was unbelievable... Gotta love the old videos!!! Lots of classics in that thread I linked...
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