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  1. Rango3d

    Hold back Tamatave

    I got a hold back Tamatave male that I’m letting go. Amazing lineage. Actual male pictured. Please feel free to contact me. Call/text 831-578-6133 Email [email protected] 225 plus shipping Thanks for looking
  2. Rango3d


    Hi all I got a few 3 month old baby Tamataves available. First 3 pics are dams sire. My pyro Next 3 is the sire. He’s wild caught The rest are some of the babies 275 plus shipping, Check me out on Facebook @ Chameleons 831 Or E-mail @ [email protected] For more info or questions...
  3. Rango3d

    Tamatave pair -sold-

    They are -sold-. Thanks all for looking. Hi all I'm letting go of this pair of Tamataves. The male is wild caught and has been with me for about a year. The female is from my Pyro lines. She's around a year old. She has laid 1 healthy, fertile clutch and is expected to lay soon again. Clutch is...
  4. Rango3d

    Tamatave sold

    6 month old Tamatave sired by my pyro pictured below. Feel free to ask any questions 300 shipped, local pick-ups welcome 831 five78 six133 [email protected]
  5. Rango3d

    Female Tamataves

    Hi all. (no more Tamataves available this season) Thanks Dario
  6. Rango3d

    6 month old Tamatave Panther

    Sold I got this 6 month old Tamatave sired by Pyro. I also do have an unrelated female if interested but only available if you get the pair. It's a turn key Tamatave project. They have been sold. Thanks You can email me at [email protected] Or text me at 831578613three Pyro pictured last
  7. Rango3d

    Tamatave Panthers

    Just some of the boys
  8. Rango3d

    6 month old Ambilobes

    They are both going to their new homes. Thanks Robert -sold- Hi all I got a brother and sister 6 month Ambilobes looking for a home. Sired by my Gizmo 300 plus shipping for the male 175 plus shipping for the female Sire pics can be seen on my website or FB- chameleons 831...
  9. Rango3d

    Tamatave male

    Hi all Letting go of this 4 month old Tamatave male. He's starting to get some nice colors. Sold Any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] Or text me at 831five78six133 Available male pictured And sire Thanks
  10. Rango3d

    Ambanja vs Tamatave

    I haven't shared in a while. It's past due. Lol
  11. Rango3d

    Tamatave Panthers

    Hi all I have 3 month old Tamatave Panthers ready for their new homes. These guys are big. Babies pictured along with the sire, grandsire and dam. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. #831-5786133 [email protected] Check out my website You ever wanted...
  12. Rango3d

    4 month old Ambilobes

    Got 2 Ambilobe males ready for their new homes. Also have 1 female. Info and pics of the sire can be seen on my website at Feel free to contact me with any questions. 831-5786133 [email protected] 195 + shipping for a male 120 + shipping for the female Pictured are both...
  13. Rango3d

    3 month old Ambilobes

    I have some more 3 month old Ambilobes available. Check out the website for what's available, price and sire pics. Any questions text or call 8315786133 Or email [email protected]
  14. Rango3d

    Ambilobe male sold

    Hi all I got a 3 month old Ambilobe male for sale. He's sired by my Gizmo. He's pictured along with his way older brother as an example of what he may look like. 175 plus shipping. Sire pics can be seen on my website at Feel free to text call me at 831-578 6133 Email at...
  15. Rango3d

    Pre-order Tamatave babies

    Hi forum community You can pre-order a Tamatave Baby for 275 plus shipping. Male or female. They are just coming on 2 months and I will be releasing them at 2.5 -3 months of age. Very limited numbers so here's your chance to get one of these rarer local. Sire and dam pictured. You can...
  16. Rango3d


    In the process of re-doing my Cham greenhouse. I had a smaller 1 and now it's way bigger. Please excuse the mess theirs still a lot to do.
  17. Rango3d

    Cool looking baby

    This guy is 3 months old. I'm amazed at the amounts of purple on him. It's hard to get a good pic of him because every time he sees the camera he lightens up.
  18. Rango3d

    Mistking, Aquazamp replacement tips

    So I found these on EBay. You get a 10 pack for 16 bucks shipped. They're called Tefen plastic fog nozzles. You need the grey/ white 1s that produce the least amount of water. They work great!
  19. Rango3d

    Pumpkin Chameleon

    So I tried my best. Whatch think???
  20. Rango3d

    Young veileds

    Hi all I got some young female veileds needing new homes. 45 + shipping Thanks For more info contact me at [email protected]
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